I love Voodoo. I love reading about it and I love watching movies with Voodoo in them! And this is where my problems start. I’ve watched so many Voodoo movies and the more mainstream all end the same and that ending isn’t very indicative of Voodoo.


Angel Heart, Skeleton Key, Jessabelle, and Child’s Play (hilariously so), all use Voodoo for bodysnatching in some stint for pseudo-immortality.

I think I know where this idea came from, but there is an anger in me in regards to everything they can draw from Voodoo, they choose to vilify the religion.

I like Angel Heart and Skeleton Key. They try to draw from the culture. Angel Heart‘s dvd even has a nice special feature section educating people on Voodoo as a religion and pointing out the film’s inaccuracies.

I forgive Child’s Play because Voodoo is not the focus. Chucky is. Though magic could easily replace Voodoo with how la-di-da it is.

Empowerment Through Bodysnatching

I realize arguments could be made that these movies have black people using Voodoo to right injustices in their lives, though only 2 films can argue that.

These films don’t frame any of it as a good thing. The story does not center on the practitioners. What happened to them is not directly linked to our protagonist. Us they are not.

Bodysnatching: A Vague Description of Voodoo

Spirit possession is a thing in Voodoo. I can only assume something this well known is the vague reason behind all these films being about bodysnatching. (That and probably the Catholic church was the Catholic church. How’s it hanging in Salem?)

Loas possess the bodies of willing participants and only temporarily. Bokors are responsible for zombies. They capture the souls of the zombies leaving a malleable husk.

I can only assume this stuff was Hollywoodified into

chucky bodysnatching


Y’all know Voodoo spurred a revolution in Haiti where slaves rose up, right? It united people, helped abolished slavery, and persevered against Catholicism. Catholicism. With our crazy history of Christian zealotry, that’s hard!

Voodoo spread and evolved to other parts of the world too. Haitian Voodoo is so much different than Voodoo in Louisiana like Catholics and Protestants.

Also Hoodoo and Voodoo are different. Hoodoo is the rootwork. Loa aren’t really involved. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

We clear that Voodoo is a religion and not magic? Cool.

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