Trolling around through the hellscape we humans call the “interweb”, I came across this gem of a tweet. It highlights people’s very odd opinions of the movie:

Which of course spiraled me to Rotten Tomatoes and the like, so I could find more delicious trash to feed upon. (And seek and I shall share. I promise you, my darlings.) Suddenly though, I found myself thinking about a tweet I saw awhile ago.

What Do Opinions Matter?

Nope. No one persons opinion will be exactly the same. All we can do is spread our voices out into the ether and hope we find our people. This website itself encourages them differing opinions: Brannyk vs. Dave. Everyone knows Brannyk lost, of course, but how does being wrong change what Brannyk got out of the experience? Absolutely. Nothing.

Opinions Are People

Humans and opinions go hand in hand. I feel like a lot of people define themselves by their opinions and before you know it, the line between opinion and self is blurred. (OMG I sound so deep.) The problem with the internet relies on us seeing the words instead of the person. Without a face to attach, everything is simultaneously highly personalized and depersonalized. Do we mean to mock or deride those differing from us? Nope. People can co-exist with differing thoughts. Respect is key.

Now that I said all that, onto the section of the article where I, without rhyme or reason, post the thoughts of people that I highly disagreed with and/or laughed at. Does this mean I’m going against everything I said prior? Never! I’m respectfully giggling.


opinions on #horror
(Click photo for original review.) I barely remember #Horror. First, not that great.
Opinions continuing
Second, not that deep.
opinions on phantasm by tasha robinson on letterbox
I love how every low star review for Phantasm is basically, ‘It’s garbage. I love it.”
Ryan Syrek committed that It Follows punny on RottenTomatoes. The others just burned my childhood to the ground in front of my little eyes.

Opinions and What We Learned.

Absolutely nothing. 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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