Before the “inter-net” and the “twit-ter”, people played with bits of cardboard. I don’t know why, but it beat “exercise”. I’ll admit, I got into an anime called Houkago Saikoro Club, in which girls play board games and figure out what each person wants to do with their life, except for one whiny, little bitch girl. (I am that bitch girl) Anyway, it made me interested in starting up board games again. I also read books. I happen to own three Darwin Awards books. I like death. So while trolling my local Barnes and Noble (which does not have a horror section), I came across this game.

The Board Game, the legend, Charon - Stupid Deaths
I’m not Kenny

How’s it play?

It’s a simple trivia game. A player reads a card with a name and a description of a death and the others guess if it’s true or false. If you’re right, you move forward. If you’re wrong, the reaper moves.

Some of the deaths are just entertaining, true or false. There’s 3 decks in the box and they do come with a few repeating cards. My short term memory is great, but apparently not everybody’s. According to them, the deaths just started blending together (though each death was different).

Stupid Deaths generates some great energy once you get into the game, but it’s a really simple game. We ended up playing twice and continuing after someone won to get 2nd and 3rd place winners (or losers). The actual board game aspect becomes superfluous, which is bad for a board game. Stupid Deaths fails to make its game competitive. It’s easy to get ahead, but even if you win, having the others lose kinda shoots yourself in the foot too.

What’s the verdict?

I won’t be playing it religiously and it’s not going to turn simple words into cuss words (Catan, man, the fucking sheep), but it’s entertaining.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

I will play it again and I know it’ll be entertaining. What say you?

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