Welcome back to our Pokemon horror catalogue. We continue our trip with the evolved form of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur! Ivysaur here doesn’t have anymore luck with it’s existence than it’s predecessor. Why, like with all parasites, the host tend to atrophy:

When the bulb on its back grows large, it appears to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs.



Ivysaur, after evolving from Bulbasaur, has elongated fangs and teeth. The bulb on it’s back looks more like a flower bud (of EVIL!?). At the size of 3′ tall while on all fours, what part isn’t dangerous?


How many years had it been? The Saur laid in the den as the hunger rumbled in it’s stomach. The bulb grew larger by the day, demanding more and more sustenance. The Saur’s pace slowed with it’s rising weight. The herd had thinned out exponentially. Food became scarce and long gone were the times where staying together meant survival.

It traveled farther by the day to find accessible food. Soon it knew it would no longer keep a stationary home to return to. Food took priority.

The Saur came across a tree with leafy branches relatively close to the ground. Plodding closer, it raised it’s head and opened it’s mouth. A gap of about 5 inches stood between it and dinner. One paw raised pressing tentatively on the trunk, but found itself unable to raised itself any higher with so much weight on its back. Neither tongue nor ramming into the tree gave way to food.

A strange whine broke from the back of its throat, followed by a tingling alongside its back. A sense, an instinct crawled into the Saur’s mind.

Vines whipped from its back pulling the entire tree down to the mud. The Saur gorged itself, filling itself up until a familiar exhaustion took hold. Pungent aroma exuding from its back sank the Saur deeper and deeper into its dreams and caused quite a stir nearby.

From the west, a new Saur appeared. In search of food and tempted by the new smell, it wandered in closer. Closer. Vines wrapped around its body, squeezing so tight that the squeals bursting from its throat end in a sickening crunch. The larger Saur opens its mouth wide and the bud is pleased at the large amount of gathered nutrients.

As the Saur sleeps, the bud on its back begins to open.

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