Welcome back to Pokémon Horror, Haunted MTL’s series mining horror from the world of pocket monsters. We continue our fun with the second in the Charmander line, Charmeleon.

National Pokédex #005 – Charmeleon

In the second stage of Generation 1’s Charmander-line, Charmeleon is like the moody-teenager of the evolution series. Charmeleon is known as “the Flame Pokémon,” measuring up at 1.1m tall and 19.0 kg, about the size of a child. This dragon-like Pokémon seems like it can be pretty bad news boasting an intensely hot fiery tail and long, sharp claws. Fans of the Pokémon anime may remember Ash’s grumpy Charmeleon.

Charmeleon illustration from https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/charmeleon

Our Pokédex entry for Charmeleon this time comes from Pokémon Shield version:

If it becomes agitated during battle, it spouts intense flames, incinerating its surroundings.

It sounds like a fight with a Charmeleon can go very, very bad for the environment. So let’s see how this might play out.


The journalist stepped toward the burned-out husk of what was once a warehouse. His contact, Officer Granger, waved him down.

Granger approached and extended his hand. “Mr. Chase, right?”

The journalist, Errol Chase, nodded. “Thank you for meeting me. Is it alright if I take a look around?”

Granger nodded. “I’ll fill you in on what we know.”

Chase picked a Pokéball off his belt and casually tossed it to the ground. A sudden flash burst forth, and his partner, a Chatot, apparated into existence in an instant. Dutifully, the Chatot, Beaker, scooped up the Pokéball in his beak and flapped onto Chase’s shoulder, dropping the ball into his hand. Chase put it away and followed Officer Granger into the ruined warehouse.

“So, what can you tell me about what happened?” Chase asked.

“More or less what I told you on the phone. This warehouse was being used for underground battles. As far as we can figure, a Charmelon seemed to go… well, inferno.”

“How do you mean?”

Officer Granger paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. “Well, the fire that burned this place down, the fire crew said it was hotter than any sort of electrical fire or anything like that. It took them almost a day to put it out. It didn’t leave a lot for the investigators to work with when it was put out, but it was enough.”

“What did you see?”

“I was one of the first in. There… wasn’t a lot.”

Granger swallowed hard. Beaker’s wings flapped, and Chase felt feathers brush the side of his head. He raised his hand to his shoulder, and the Chatot nibbled a finger.

“At first, we wondered if it was something electrical, but we noticed the lack of remains. All we saw was the skeleton of a lone Charmeleon. Then we noticed some of the walls had shadows. Have you ever seen one of those shadows created by extreme heat, Mr. Chase?”

Chase shook his head to indicate he hadn’t.

“If the heat is enough, it’ll mark a surface with ash where someone was standing. It’s like someone leaves their shadow behind, but it isn’t a shadow. Not really. It’s what is left of the person who is fried in an instant.”

Officer Granger pointed to the wall on Chase’s left. Chase turned to see a blackened greasy shape on the wall, just the barest hint of what was once a human. The Chatot flapped again, uneasily. Chase then noticed the others… at least a dozen, now that he knew what to look for.

“As far as we figure, there was a battle going on here, and something must have triggered that Charmeleon.”

Chase ran a finger just along the side of Beaker’s head. “That’s horrible.”

Granger shook his head. “That’s not the worst part. The thing about those fire-types… they’re supposed to be fireproof, right? So what about those remains?”

Beaker chirped “remains” as Chase glimpsed at the blackened skeleton in the middle of the burned-out warehouse.

“We had to bust down the doors after we’d put out the fire. The poor thing must have been so frightened by everything, and it could go nowhere.”

“You feel bad for the Pokémon?” Chase asked.

“Wouldn’t you?”

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