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Around the Corner from Sanity exists as a collection of short, paranormal stories. Not all are horror, but there is a bit of something for everyone, each one with an interesting premise. First let me congratulate the author on publishing a book. Many people may write, but publishing for the world to see and comment on? That’s a challenge. Congratulations!

The Good!

Mr. Kilgore obviously poured love into all the stories. Reading them almost feels like telling campfire stories. My favorite remains the short but sweet “Fatty” because I appreciate the way tension builds. Reading such a devilish sense of humor, I could see myself enjoying these stories as a preteen, though I doubt that’s the target audience.

The Bad. . .

If you ever read any reviews I make, I’ll probably comment on a cohesive narrative because it’s both difficult to do and necessary for a satisfying end. This is my fancy way of saying a place for everything and everything in its place. Stories, whether by word choice, character voice, setting, or description, are put together in a magical yellow brick road leading you to a certain conclusion or feeling. The ending won’t necessarily be spoiled, but it’ll be satisfying. I found few of the endings satisfying and some are confusing. There is also an issue of a few, not all, characters coming out as one dimensional. Certain character voices blend together.

Some stories wobble between plotless or rush hour traffic. My teacher always warns that the king died and then the queen died differs from the king died and then the queen died of a broken heart. We usually get the former. And as for how busy the stories can get. . .

“Wiccans? Aren’t those, like, witches? Lashanda’s hand went up to touch the little golden cross that hung from her neck.

Kilgore, Jason, “Rabbit Cry”, Around the Corner from Sanity, 2019. Pg 36

“Ain’t no better time for cleanin’ rabbits. . . Pa cain’t hear ’em scream.” . . .

Kilgore, Jason, “Rabbit Cry”, Around the Corner from Sanity, 2019. Pg 47
  • Page 36: we’re introduced to magic
  • Page 43: neighbor drama
  • Page 44: family drama
  • Page 47: a maniac

Final Thoughts?

With a little finessing and Mr. Kilgore learning to kill his babies (a beautiful, legit writing term meaning get rid of scenes you love to improve the overall writing) I could see myself trying his stuff out again. As it currently stands, let the Cthulhus speak.

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)
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