What can I say about Dagon? It is a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft about a shipwrecked man who watches the coming of a god.

This happens to be one of my favorite short stories and one of Lovecraft’s first. Now, Lovecraft can be quite a daunting read. His lore long surpassed that of Star Wars, carrying on over a century later without Disney raping him repeatedly.

Unfortunately, he’s not for everyone. Maybe you’ve tried reading him and couldn’t stand it. You set the book off to the side, go to your weekend party and nerdgasm your way through an X-File trivia session. Sitting back, content, your friend says, “Your very visage compares only to Nyarlathotep,” and your world falls out from under you.

If only your parents raised you properly. Never fear. You can make better life choices.


For the kids

Everyone should start somewhere and here is your opportunity! I can already see the question burning in your eyes; Is this written as a tetrameter?

No, tis a trimeter.

In all serious-ness, while reading I started counting syllables on my fingers. Most lines contain 6 syllables, almost every page has 24 syllables (not counting the last 2 pages), and it maintains the rhymes throughout.

That’s hard.

The binding and cover are great quality too. Check out this art though!

Dagon - Ivankovic
My scanner may be junk . . .

and compare it to Dr. Suess

The Cat and the Hat Returns
The Cat in the Hat Returns

Do you see that shadowing, the rounded features, how a marooned sailor still wears his cute little hat? Y’all can’t fake this kind of love.

What else?

I can’t say a lot more. It’s a short read with implied violence and drug addiction, but it’s completely safe to read to children. I wish my kindergarten teachers owned this.

What does Dagon get me?

Well, the plot is simplified down, but all there. It’s fun to read and a blast to thumb through.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Dagon dun dun duuun

To be continued!?

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