This winter was the worse she ever lived through. And last year cold seeped from the gaps in frost cracked windows while snow blanketed itself so heavy on the roof, it almost caved in.

Now rolling black outs made a bargain with the old school wiring and finally fried the central heating. The replacement heaters she bought stopped after 2 when she realized they irreparably shorted out by the time the power came back.

After calling so many people to fix her heater, life left her 3 repairmen down and a much lighter wallet. The only brightside to this holiday season, for which she decided to rely on, was due to the cold putting off her appetite almost indefinitely. Rather than eating everything within reach she lived off of a box of cheerios for a week.

Honestly, speaking optimistically, the good (sorta) outweighed the bad. The numb spreading from her fingers, aching her joints, hardly compared to the knives constantly rummaging her gut. She wandered towards the closet at the back of the house to grab a few more blankets that she could possibly pile on over herself, nearly tripping over the last service man’s legs getting there.

The cold affected how tidy she kept her house. She barely picked up after herself, opting to find new ways to keep the body heat. She noticed herself sleeping more. In the near future, hibernation was a serious possibility. Suffice to say, the snow piled itself so high, she constantly called out to work, being unable to get anywhere. Would she even have a job here come Spring?

Not that it mattered. Plenty of food was stockpiled all through the house. No one could come kick her out in this weather either. Her house could stay a giant refrigerator all winter; come summer she would just enjoy eating herself out of house and town again. For the moment she laid back on the couch, closed her eyes, and dreamt of BBQ.

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