In this episode, the Bloody Mary’s of CourtCourt, Nicole, EV, and Parz are joined by none other than Doctor Payne. Fresh off his top rated appearance on the ComboBox, along with his #1 rated podcast The Doctor is…In, Payne does his best to bring the magic bus of #1 shows rolling to the Bloody Marys.

As the BM crew shower Payne with love and adoration, he does his best to bring the podcast topic back to the Exorcist while throwing in a Roddy Piper joke at the expense of Voodoo Priestess. We at HauntedMTL will remind our listeners that not only are the opinions expressed during any of our content do not reflect an official stance by the website but any discussion about the book the Exorcist is about the style and the writing in the book and not about the author personally.

If you want to grab the Exorcist book, the movies, or even the audio book (which came highly recommended by Payne) feel free to click on through. All ads may generate revenue for the site but all reviews are honest.

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