Antichrist – You’ll never have sex again

Antichrist Trigger warning: discussion about violence, sex, domestic abuse, mental illness, and rape. In this edition of Bloody Marys, we take a look at Lars Von Trier’s 2009 Antichrist. Opinions–and other things–get split quickly between collaborators Parzz1val, Nicole C. Luttrell, Voodoo Priestess, and J. M. Brannyk.

But one thing they can all agree on — Dr. Payne has no place in this episode.

‘They started to talk about rape as a ‘virtue’ that’s when I knew I should gtfo out of this Antichrist podcast.’

Doctor Payne, getting the fuck out of this podcast

Come along and try to parse out the symbols, concepts, and deeper meanings of each peen shot of Willem Dafoe, musing from Charlotte Gainsbourg, and warning from a goopy fox.

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