American Psycho

Written by Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho is a book unlike any others read so far on the Bloody Marys as it, at full novel length, has no actual plot. Rather we follow our antagonist around on his everyday life. Hearing his thoughts and viewing his interactions we form an intimate relationship and understanding of Bateman as a person.

Meet Norman, I mean Patrick Bateman. Our everyday yuppie Trump worshipper enjoys quiet dinners at Dorsia, Trump spotting, and rats. Watch Paul, I mean Patrick navigate his everyday life as an American psycho. He decorates his apartment, eats fancy food, and dates lots and lots of women. Women only, he swears. Read along as Patrick gives you indispensable fashion advice! So much fashion advice. And he kills people. Trigger Warning for any interested in the book. It contains sexual abuse, animal abuse, drug abuse, gay bashing, racial slurs, as well as constant graphic depictions of violence.

In this episode the Bloody Marys fawn over American Psycho. Seriously. That’s all they do. They pick and discuss various events that stand out to them in the book and analyze it’s place and relevancy in the culture overall. Questions such as ‘How does this book from the 80s hold up today in modern society?’ are answered. A brief comparison on the strengths of the book versus the movie explores the different impacts on them. As they talk and try to better understand Bateman and his worldview, many avenues of American Psycho are left unexplored and uncovered. We implore you to join in on the conversation and give your opinion.

Want to read the book that started gave birth to the movie that then gave birth to internet dubs/trips memes?! Click on below and follow along at home, folks!

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