In celebration of LGBTQI, The Boogeyman is the next battleground movie for our cast of shameless critics.

As Brannyk recovers from a migraine in a pillow fort, Voodoo Priestess reigns champion and selects 2005’s Boogeyman as the pick of the podcast. Be prepared for: zoom-in shots of door handles, the better Deschanel, even more gay allegory/conspiracy theories from Brannyk, and Voodoo’s closet space-time continuum (timey-whimey) explanation. WHO wins this epic throwdown? Only you can decide.

And decide ye shall! (Win Shudder and help The Trevor Project!)

We are doing this one by Vote, folks! If you think JM Brannyk/BoxHuman makes the better point, come tweet at us with #BoxOdix – If you think the Voodoo Priestess edges them out, tweet us with #EVilOne. One lucky voter will be given (via PayPal) a month free of Shudder–on us!

To top that swag off, we are also donating $1 per vote (our normal limits apply) for the winning side to the Trevor Project, donated in the name of the victor!

So, cast your vote and cast often–spam the shit out of us and increase your chances to win a FREE month of Shudder–and increase the donation size to the Trevor Project. Horror movies + Helping stop LGBQTI teen suicides? How the hell can you go wrong?!

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