Monster Squad!

Doc here–this was one trippy throwdown with the Monster Squad somehow being a debate of ‘is this good or not?’. The action starts before EV and Brannyk get into the first scene with some mysterious chimes echoing through our headphones. Chimes and the distinct sound of metal grating against stone. A message from the future? Maybe a wrong turn in our past? A sign of things to come, I’m sure.

For those who want to know more about the chimes click on through! If you wanted to see Monster Squad (and who the hell doesn’t?!) then we have hunted down the DVD version for you here:

Now, on with the show!

In this episode of the Throwdown, VoodooPriestess calmly disagrees with Box’s essay on the deep metaphors present in Monster Squad. Box also shuffles their notes like an asshole.

EV, co-host of the Throwdown

Jim Phoenix

El Jefe

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