They Live! – Live!!

Not only is this an off-kilter episode for The Throwdown, but this is a very Payne-ful episode. That’s right, no podcast is safe from the diabolical grips of Dr. Payne and The Throwdown is no exception. Can Voodoo Priestess repress her back-stabbery for a few hours and join forces with reigning champion J.M. Brannyk – or is all doomed to the chaos of Dr. Payne?

In this episode, up is down and left is right – nothing is everything and hotdogs are suddenly delicious. In this bizarro reality, we don’t watch the movie first. We watch it in real time, with you, the listener. That’s right. Dig out your copy of 1988’s cult-classic They Live, starring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Meg Foster, and Keith David and join along. Experience this amazing John Carpenter film as you never have or will again. Marvel as people scream at each other about technology and aliens, and I’m not talking about the movie. Wonder at all the random trivia Payne has up his filthy sleeves. And unite in reveling in the pure talent of Keith David.

Bonus fact: This is also Voodoo Priestess’s first time watching the film and we’re not giving nor gentle co-viewers.

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