By minority opinion I mean the reviews for this are all, “This is crap, why don’t you watch . . .IDK The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina instead?” coughwhichiskindadefinitelycrapcough Anyway. Everyone hates it.

Watch If You Dare

What is it? A horror anthology consisting of four unconnected shorts without tether or follow up. The first two are horror. The last two give comedy a try.

I Get It

A bold name means you better back up the hype.

The third story is bland and knows it. A food guy gets invited to a party. The movie plays at its campiest (and longest). I can’t defend it. Do me a favor and just watch the short Dara from Takut.

Now let us look at The Stylist. A client is the last customer of the day. Don’t watch this on an HD big screen. . .

bad hair  minority opinion
Better effects than I could do at least.

And Ink. A man admires tattoos.

bad lunch minority opinion
Don’t let the lunch meat fool you. I still cringed at scenes.

Tell me the first thought in your head wasn’t, “I bet that’s a slice a baloney.”

So yeah, the effects while practical (a plus in my book), they look cheap in a lot of places. Haunted houses and low budget movies keep things dark for a reason.

Defend Thyself?

Dark films suck. Don’t believe me then go watch AVP-R.

The first two stories are the strongest and take advantage of the short medium. We don’t get exposition. The story just gives us enough to either piece together or not understand.

Giggles happened during the last segment. I like watching something that doesn’t need to point out what to laugh at. I like comedy played straight.

These three stories felt interesting to me and pulled it off competently.

The Greatest Person Who is Always Write Rite Right.

3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5) (I reserved the right to take out Foodies from the equation.)

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