So, I troll Netflix to find something cool to ease my boredom or to sleep to. First up, a hot Korean dressed to the nines in all black? Oops. This 18, hour and a half long episode series was then found and binged for a week.

What kind of show is this?

Black is a show about a girl, Ha-Ram who sees shadows of death looming over people. These shadows are sentient reapers who collect the souls of the dead. I call this an every genre show because it manages to cover horror, comedy, drama, soap opera, buddy cop procedural, fighting, romance, and thriller.

Black Episode 1

Oh, the horror

I love the portrayal of depression in Ha-Ram. She shows off her violent and brash personality if you intrude upon her personal space. When Ha-Ram is left by herself, you see the weight and faults she places on her own shoulders. Her happiness and self-worth depend on others who frequently can’t and won’t fix her.

Black episode 1

Her psychic abilities don’t deus ex machina a situation for the best and later in the series, her powers prove too difficult to use. They make damn sure you follow the butterfly effect.

Grim Reapers

A reaper chasing down a rogue soul who tries to live again as a human, traps himself in a human body. The plot then goes that he must learn to be human. Although, it ends up crazier than a fish out of water story.

For example, 444, the reaper, looks so completely down on humans, he doesn’t want to fit in. Everyone indulges him because they think he’s crazy.

Did you forget something?

episode 9 kiss
Black episode 9 kiss recap
Brought to you by a rapist bashing the hero in the back of the head

A very annoying thing about this series, lies within the many, many rewinds and flashbacks. Some happen minutes after they just showed the initial scene.


Various storylines, plot points, and idiosyncrasies come together in the end for the most part, but the show doesn’t always gel. Rather than transition and combine, they interrupt each other.

Solving serial murders. . . weren’t we finding a reanimated corpse? Uh-oh let’s look into insurance fraud first. . . and this rape. . .

Some plot pop ups go nowhere really.

Oh no! I’m losing my powers! Sometimes. Red beans! . . . That ending. . .

So. . . Black. . .

I hate this kind of ending. Luckily one sentence saved it. “She lived happily ever after.” Satisfaction would fill me pass the brim if it ended there, but then it moves on to a Ghost and Mrs. Muir ending. Honestly, the ending felt like a total cop out.

How does Black hold up?

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

What can I say? Soap operas are addicting.

Hey, Black is because of Joe Black. Only 444 is a human hater. XD

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