Some people believe art has no limits. Art’s purpose varies and intends to make a statement or bring out a reaction. Horror movies always fall in a grey area because controversial? Such violence! Our minds have warped! What normal person could watch this?

First, no. Just no, so stop it. Second, watching violence desensitizes people to it. It won’t make you go out and kill or maim. Does horror go too far? Maybe. Some movies are distasteful, but I can’t say toss them. I just be like, keep on keeping on, bruh. (And then I talk shit about The Nun behind her back.) Sometimes, though, the art suffers trying to appease the offended. Now I got beef.

A Controversial Construct

My thoughts on controversial movies boils down to, if I see a purpose, I can get behind it. Though every film has a purpose. (Either high art or that cash) I’m taking you on a journey where we explore various controversial films, the reasons why, and their purpose.

People also have the tendency to think shit like this doesn’t really happen anymore. We stopped passing out vomit bags in the theatre lobby and movie banning years ago! So let’s start with the more recent bad seeds.


I grabbed the picture here, just not the kid.

Now Slenderman is kinda old news. Does anyone remember it? Well, it’s about an internet urban legend, intentionally created for a contest and spawning a life of its own. Lore dictates he stalks and kidnaps children since his hay-day in 2009.

The movie premiered in 2018. Scenes prominent in trailers were removed from the actual film. Bits of plot removed and shuffled around until the movie became hard to follow. 2 Wisconsin counties banned the film from theatres.

Why!? Have I heard of this film? Can you grasp it in your memory? What about this film caused such an uproar?

2014. . .

Movies take a while to make. When Slenderman rights were purchased and the decision to make a movie had some push, something happened. Two girls lured their friend out into the woods and stabbed her 19 times in the name of Slenderman. He may have been on everyone’s mind, but suddenly he wasn’t very popular.

File:Symbol Slenderman representation (Slenderman).png“File:Symbol Slenderman representation (Slenderman).png” by 0 Noctis 0 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Behind the scenes the movie tried to going to different studios. Apparently arguments about if the film should be dark or B-movie funny (Fucck you Sharknado) caused some of it. The whole “You’re trying to make bank on a real life tragedy” thing really killed the want to keep it too scary. Thus scenes cut. The plot of Slenderman making people do awful things watered down to . . . going sorta crazy?

This issue here, I find funny. Distasteful? So said the father of the maimed child. I say it’s a creepypasta that existed long before some kids went nuts. Straying from Slenderman, lets look at the film Mercy Black.

Slight Hypocrasies

Tell me what you think of Mercy Black’s plot. 2 kids take their friend into the woods and try to kill her in the name of Mercy Black. The kids get an insanity plea diagnosed with onset schizophrenia and a bit of folie a deux.

If you didn’t guess that that is the same diagnosis of the Wisconsin girls, go away. Honestly, I like the film, but in some ways this film ends up way more insulting. (I’m talking about that ending. . .) The only difference is the movie isn’t titled Slenderman and released to Netflix. That difference killed any controversial angles put about it. (Also Mercy Black 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) )

“We’re not retelling that story. . .We are exploring similar situations, and you want to be – not just sensitive, but respectful of the people involved in those stories.”

Owen Egerton
controverial not
Mercy Black movie poster – IMDB
Slenderman’s Verdict

If the studio made it’s film, would Slenderman go down in history alongside Hereditary? If you haven’t seen the film– maybe? It would have at least been tolerable. That awkward dialogue and stilted acting came from people walking in a studio and saying paycheck earned. The damn thing is hard to sit through.

This picture was drawn in tribute to a dinosaur and to show Slenderman’s apparent budget. (read as 10 million)

Speaking of shitty movies based on real life tragedies!

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Well. . . I liked it more than Slenderman.

The controversy of this movie stems from one simple fact: the Charles Manson murder. If someone put out a film on a murder that happened super recently, people would scream. (Talk to Slenderman) So, wait. Didn’t it happen half a century ago? Yes. Actually according to Debra Tate, that is the problem.

“It’s classless how everyone is rushing to release something for the 50th anniversary of this horrific event.”

Debra Tate,

I actually agree with everything Debra complains about. The director made this film solely for a cash grab and no respect went into it. Debra called the movie tacky, another site reviewer, J. M. Brannyk, called it pretentious.

Bitch please.
Tell me more about the futility of fate, Doctor Manhattan

My problem with the film stems from nothing about it needs to be about Sharon Tate. The film is generic to a fault and makes up a lot of shit and drama to pad out the run time. (It’s an hour and a half long) Poor Hilary Duff sounds like a British person who was born deaf half the time. The other half, she forgets to accent.

The film straight up just sucks. It was a slasher-ish? film that adopted the Manson murders to make its premise spoopier. After raping the eyes of many, it too fades from the public’s mind.

A Serbian Film

Warning: This film contains RAPE and EVERY -PHILIA EVER.

What’s it about? An adult film actor gets pulled back into the industry for one last film. Many, many, many, many, bad scenes. Unvanilla scenes. I almost didn’t watch it because this movie has been censored, cut down, banned in many countries, and is very hard to legally find all put together.

People be cray-cray

Ew. This film is so gross and well put together. I don’t blame people who think it pointlessly disgusting because what’s there is difficult to sit through. The shock value can overtake every aspect of the film.

Is my main difference for appreciating this movie the fact that it isn’t based on someone’s life? No. Everything it tries to succeed at, it achieves. I like and pity the main character. The sense of wrong-ness isn’t twisted to make me think that anything is actually right. Alice goes down the rabbit hole and can’t get out.

What is the purpose?

Desperate times, desperate measures, and horrible regrets. They took every connotation of the word fucked and put it on screen. Does this mean everyone should track down an uncensored copy and watch it? No, but I won’t say it’s unwatchable and undeserving of existence.

I’ll never watch it again, but I’ll never forget it.

Cannibal Holocaust

They can’t all have snappy transition zingers. Quick warning: This film depicts RAPE and ANIMAL DEATH.

Meet the OG of the found footage films. Infamous and still banned many places today, check it out on Shudder. I couldn’t find it elsewhere. Like the Blair Witch, director Ruggero Deodato had his crew hide to promote a sense of realism. Oops.


This controversial film was taken to court. The director, charged with murder, had to demonstrate his practical effects before a judge and force his star actors out of hiding to prove he didn’t kill anyone.

Many animals in the making of this film died and FUCK. (I couldn’t watch those parts) Too bad this movie killed acting careers cause you wouldn’t know how often they cried between takes.

This movie very obviously wanted to make people realize that we aren’t better than savages. You can tell it was made in the 80s because widespread murder often televised before millions of people in the form of news reports.

It’s a gorgeous film that gets its point across by being completely on the nose.

controversial when it dies
For what it’s worth, the pig is alive in this shot.


So what’s my point? After talking about every movie deserves to live, I basically mention how 2 controversial films suck so bad, let’s just forget about them.

Bad movies are telling in their own right. For every Daniel Farrands emailing Debra Tate an apology letter after finishing the film, we’ll find a Tarantino coming in person to hand over his script.

Think of it all as a learning curve.

Wrap up

Slenderman, doomed to D.O.A. because a dad cried. 0.5 out of 5 stars (0.5 / 5) (I giggled once)

A Haunting of Sharon Tate, a hooker who showed up to a black tie event in go-go boots 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

A Serbian Film. Fucks were given. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Cannibal Holocaust, a regretful pioneer. 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) (I knocked half a star off for the animals)

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