You ever realize you have issues only after some tiny thing becomes a huge catalyst? ‘One’ bitch slapped me harder than Brannyk in throwdown. (I’m the winner though) Let’s look at Season 4 Episode 25 of Voyager. Yay Netflix.

One Small Summary for Man

Voyager comes to an expanse in space, where crossing it would kill everyone. The doctor comes up with the solution to put everyone in stasis and run the ship just him and Seven of Nine. Hi-jinks ensue as Seven learns about the rivers in Egypt.

I watched this at night. I didn’t expect to end up horribly disturbed by a freaking Borg aficionado. But, especially now, this stuff hits home. Seven is running the ship eventually in total isolation.

Strong, proud, beautifully put together Seven goes crazy. Voices and hallucinations, that she knows aren’t real, biting and chipping away at her.

What Happened?

There is so much to unpackage, I don’t know where to start. Seven is a pinnacle representation of order. Cold logic dictates her every move. Watching the breakdown of order is not a good Friday night pasttime in Corona-crazy town.

A Sudden L-one-liness

Let’s hang out with all our friends. I don’t really think about them that much, but they’re over there so one day I should really hang out. Whatever. They’ll always be there. Until they aren’t.


I think a majority of us feel the effects of taking people and things for granted. It’s the little ways that dig at you.

Going Insane

It’s a slow burn, and the beginning didn’t lend to a sense of horror. It’s the middle of the episode everything becomes sinister. One can argue the normalcy makes it all the worse.

I’ll admit it. After watching this at 4 am and taking a stroll around the house in the dark, I found myself paranoid as shit; I jumped at shadows and couldn’t trust myself.

That Verdict

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Coincidentally another writer just posted a Dark Deviation on Star Trek, so be sure to check it out here. Just become a Trekkie. It’s easier.

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