There are few moments when watching a movie, I cringe at how badly things fall together. Maybe it’s because I just watched Antichrist or maybe all those gross Hollywood people keep getting outed as predators. Either way Dark Summer manages to embody the worst kind of misogyny.

Dark Summer-y

A 17-year old boy is arrested for stalking his classmate. I like stalker stories. First 10 minutes, I hear this and think, “Delving into the mind of the stalker? Juicy.” No. Well the girl he stalked killed herself, promising to make him feel what she felt. “Ooooh. Revenge on stalker story!” No.

Dark summer
Stalkers R Us the movie


Stalking is not fun or romantic. Being constantly watched, feeling forever paranoid where ever you go isn’t something people look forward to. I like stalker horror movies/stories because they showcase doing the unspeakable while someone justifies their actions or gaslights the viewer. Dark Summer reads like some demented victim blaming bullsh*t.

All the movie says about Stalkerboy is he hacked all of girl’s accounts. (Realize that later on, his arrest makes no sense.) Not the eeriest of stalking. . . and No. We don’t find out more details. Right now, he kind of sounds like a troll. Must not be that bad. I mean his friends have his back.

F*ck This

Dark Summer
Friend 2 who pines after Stalkerboy the entire movie.

This movie depicts stalker afterwards, during house arrest. He is normal and well adjusted with wonderful friends that help him break the terms of his release.

Friend 1: Why’d you do it?
Stalker: I’m an awkward guy and it was love.

His friends can’t even believe he chose her to like. After she kills herself Friend 1 tries to cheer him up.

There’s a pretty clear consensus on who this girl was. She never even f*cking talked to anybody. She just walked around listening to her emotional-a** music, acting like she was better than the rest of us.

From Dark Summer at the 28 minute mark

Wow! She was sure lucky anyone gave her the time of day! Remember women, when we are out in a short skirt and someone grabs your a** or ***** you, take the hint. You’ve been complimented!

I cannot read that without the ‘She was lucky someone paid attention to her’ sentiment.

The Twist

Dark Summer
Spooky O’s. Part of a nutritional breakfast.

Throughout the movie, ghost girl tortures our poor sweet stalker. Feel bad for him. At the end though? *Le gasp* Ghost girl, before she died, used her magic witch powers to make stalker boy fall madly in love with her! He reacted something like ‘she must not of realized what a pussy I am.’

Us audience members know the truth! Stalkerboy was just too pure, so of course he didn’t do anything bad to her. No matter how much she tried to make him. She MADE him do it.

Though at this point we wonder who involved the cops.

Did Dark Summer Mean It?

I doubt it. Dark Summer went for a cheap twist ending. To make the ending work, they humanize Stalkerboy from day 1 and spend the remaining run time punching down ghost girl. The film needed to grow a uterus and show Stalkerboy as a creeper and ghost girl alive and reacting to it.

Keep the ending for all I care. Just change the framing.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

P.S. The movie is generic and nonsensical.

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