This episode begins with Brother Sam barely alive, being rushed to the hospital. Dexter, worried about his friend, sets about handling the situation the only way he knows how. He starts hunting the person who did this. 

That person is likely to be the new boss of Nick’s old gang. They needed a new boss if you’ll recall because Dexter killed their old one.

Soon enough though, he realizes that it’s not the new boss. It was Nick, Brother Sam’s latest convert. We could kind of guess that, since we saw Sam’s dog not attack the man who shot him.

On his deathbed, Brother Sam asks Dexter to tell Nick he’s forgiven him. But he also asks Dexter to do something much harder. He asks him to get this go. 

Dexter tries to do it, he does. And we are left with a question. Did his darkness cause him to lose control, or did Nicks?

All of this has effectively distracted him from the Doomsday killings. Which are, by the way, heating up. Travis and the Professor kidnapped a woman, intending to display her like the biblical Whore. But Travis feels remorse. The woman is in pain. She is scared. Travis is a good person. Ironically he wouldn’t be doing these terrible things if he weren’t.

He might be the only believer in the group. We’re learning more about the Professor in this one. Deb ordered Angel and Quinn to bring in his old TA, Carissa. They found a picture of an old art piece Professor Gellar did. It included a naked woman wearing a sheep’s head over her own. But the tramp stamp is the same as the one on Carissa’s back.

She informs them that Gellar wasn’t a religious man at all. And that’s about all she tells them, before getting huffy and leaving. But I imagine anyone would be irritated, being asked personal questions about someone you had a one-night stand with.

Quinn’s acting like a flaming idiot in this episode. Instead of telling Deb he slept with their key witness, he goes ahead and makes a fool of himself. Then, he shows up at her house warming party drunk and with some girl he met at the bar earlier that night.

This would be a stupid thing to do if Deb was just Deb. But Deb is also Quinn’s boss. And, Deb is also Dexter’s sister. And Dexter, lest we forget, is a serial killer.

Quinn needs to calm the hell down before he ends up in a plastic bag.

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