Time to jump back on this dumpster truck! Our episode opens with Amenadiel talking to Lucifer about Michael. Short story short, Amenadiel is ruling Hell for a bit. God have mercy upon the torturee’s soul.

The Episode

A murder on the set of a popular TV show: Lieutenant Diablo. Yes, a “parody” of Lucifer’s life on small screen. It helps Chloe fight through her issues. I found the parody itself more cringe-y than clever. I snorted at the yearning though.

clowns. all of them. god help your soul

Gift From God

In the last episode Michael told Decker about that whole gift from God thing. I don’t think I mentioned it because it didn’t feel like a big deal. Am I weird for that? From a Christian perspective God creates everyone and so he booped Chloe into existence expecting her to meet Lucifer. Okay? She’s thinking in predetermined destiny thoughts and I’m like, everyone is like that so what’s up?

Maybe Chloe trips over the wording? They kept up, “You Chloe Decker are a gift from God given to Lucifer” instead of “God put you in Lucifer’s path.”

This Gift from God Is The Plot

I already explained I don’t understand Chloe’s deal so I obviously already don’t care about Chloe pulling a Lucifer throughout the entire episode. That doesn’t excuse Lucifer though.

This dude literally knows where Chloe’s coming from. He has literally been in her shoes but still blows off her issues. Lucifer is self-absorbed , but he also knows how to help people. It’s not just him saying the wrong stuff to Chloe; he literally turns the issue back on himself to put himself in the spotlight.

In Other News

Linda says hi. Mazikeen continues to regress emotionally. And Michael.

Michael is God's right hand

Michael is such a wasted character. A petty douche, if you will. His only function is to show up, stir the pot, and slink MUAHAHAing back into the shadows.


I like the fight scenes.

Also Dan is best girl in this episode. Dude stood up to Lucifer’s mocking and smacked him down. Own your magic rocks!

fight with a stripper pole
2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)
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