Giving Thanks

Into the Dark, a Hulu anthology series with feature length episodes, starts off with Pilgrim, a Thanksgiving film about a woman who hires pilgrims to teach her family the true meaning of the holiday and to always be grateful for what you have. Ah! You may think. Finally a Thanksgiving horror flick that isn’t Thankskilling! Well. . .


Things I’m thankful for. I love the premise. It sounds stupid, but the way the story is set up and presented, it’s believable. The brother and sister get along without annoying sibling rivalry shenanigans.

Now onto me hating. Our main girl is an annoying, angsty teenager, the family is super stereotypical, and our cameraman has ADHD because he sure can’t stay still. Whoever put this movie together wanted to be as artsy as possible, but only with how they moved the camera. You will notice this immediately. You will be constantly reminded. It does great to pull you out of the film completely and don’t get me started on the sound design.

What’s worse, this episode is a horror comedy that never lands.
Something funny? 

Is there anything more awkward than watching something that thinks they’re funny but fails? Something scary? Well that character looks scared, so I guess it is. This episode’s weakness stems from telling rather than showing. It picks up in the second half and the last 20 minutes are enjoyable in a campy kind of cheese way, though it managed to confuse the simple premise a bit.

Here’s hoping to the next episode being better.

What’s my rating?

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

(Riddle me this: How does a movie have so much blood and so little gore?)

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