Is there anything more depressing than the state of black comedies today? Let me rip this band-aid off. Black comedy just means dark humor. Horror comedies are not necessarily black comedies and vice versa, and when I ask my friend if you’ve seen this black comedy, I shouldn’t have to deal with a blank stare and be told everyone in the movie was white. I want to remember the greats like Dr. Strangelove and Heathers. Except I don’t like those movies that much. . . So I’m about to wash the taste of Pilgrim out of my mouth with Hank Boyd is Dead.


A caterer is stuck working alone at a funeral of a local serial killer. Family secrets start pouring out as the night goes on. It doesn’t sound like much to be fair, but damn. In other words, the entire family is bonkers, and they let you know right away. I think 20 minutes in, we overhear a conversation that’s basically, “We should kill someone.”

We keep getting introduced to new characters, but they never overstay their welcome or detract from the story. In addition, everything in this movie plays itself dead straight even when the situation gets so over the top out of hand. And there is a scene towards the end that’s just like “How’s the family going to get out of this?”

Meme my cat

Oh . . . Not that I started rooting for the family. It’s just fun watching a game of chess unfold. Literally, you will miss something if you turn away, because more things just keep piling on top. Stakes keep raising. Will the caterer live? Will the family ever go on vacation? Go and find out! Last I checked, it’s available on Amazon and free with prime.

See what you’re in for

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Remember to keep things sunny and bright this holiday. And we need more horror memes.

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