As a horror lover, I look for good horror in all media. This includes anime, but some how there’s just slim picking out there. Later on I’ll get into various, good horror anime but for now this article is about bad anime. Just because I mention an anime here doesn’t necessarily mean I think it’s bad, but it highlights the bad aspects.

The Boobs

For people who aren’t into anime, your first thoughts might be panty shots and “Notice me, senpai” and you’re not wrong. In America we have teen love stories and nudity in films and we roll our eyes and we watch.

One thing to keep in mind in anime are character ages. If you’re lucky and horrific violence is happening to a high schooler, cool. Horror anime, particularly bad anime, sexualizes the violence to a sick degree. Pupa (added bonus of incest) and Kyochuu Rettou (human and insect rape) come to mind. Not kidding, not showing pics.

The only slightly sexualized violence can just be off putting or out of place. Dansai Bunri Crime Edge was about cursed items, hand me downs of serial killers, possessing their descendants and driving them to murder or if you’re strong enough to resist, it gives you weird fetishes. To it’s detriment, it quickly became fetishes and attempted murder.

Blood C censors badly
The biting and her blood spewing everywhere, no censors, but her wound? Blacked out and then her top and skirt sorta fell off so they just used a weak blur cause consistency.

Some anime I probably could cause on super violent scenes a black censor smear just hides everything so it’s not like you can see shit anyway. (Looking at you, Blood C)


The hardest part to stomach is over! Nothing else could turn me away right? When I say convoluted, I’m not even necessarily talking about the plot, though Boogiepop wa Warawanai 2019 shat the bed on that one. Sometimes the conclusions or set ups just plum make no frickin sense. Kyuuketsukihime Miyu I never had a problem with until the very last villain suddenly derailed any semblance of logic.

Satsuriku no Tenshi was based off a RPG Maker game. I stopped watching it because of how much video game logic stayed in Deus Ex Machina-ing the characters forward. That, and if you played the game, you saw the anime. I don’t remember any real deviations.

Satsuriku no Tenshi pushes buttons
Pictured above hidden switch to open secret passage. Picture below, Zach stands on pressure plate to finish a puzzle. As you do.


Some anime get weird because of budget or time constraints (I refuse to believe it was plain awful writing). Oh no! Well the crap happening in this episode isn’t all that important so we’ll brush pass that. But now I’m sitting there confused, convinced I missed an episode like in Ayakashi episode 11 to 12.

Another I consider a bad anime although it was pretty widespread with a budget behind it. I liked the story, but whoever did the directing gave the entire thing a suffocatingly depressing, foreboding mood that never lifted. It really made it hard to sit through especially since the pace was so slow.

Slow pacing isn’t bad in itself; I still really enjoyed Mouryo no Hako. That said, the constant exposition hurt the story a bit. Some horror anime will contain a bunch of filler content in the middle that will just murder the pace.

Seen One Seen ‘Em All

This is last on the list because this is also true of literally any genre of anything anywhere. My issue with this is how grouped together they are. Madoka Magica came out and suddenly every cute girl thing has a darker twist. Your palate tires out quick, considering slim pickings of the seasons.

cute girls, not bad anime, but a bunch of similiar stuff
Look upon my cuteness and be disarmed! Also some of these aren’t really horror, but it’s better than getting into Sword ATT&T Offline.

Just Bad Anime

I’ll list some bad anime here so you know what in the future I will not be reviewing. (Maybe it’s better to say anime I found bad though because some of these are just not to my tastes)

Ousama, Munou na Nana, Violence Jack, Elfen Lied (Sorry. You have a special place in my heart but God. You aged poorly), Narutaru (Emotionally exhausting to go through. Check it out if you want), Evil or Live, Junji Ito Collection (Read the manga or check out some live adaptions of it.), any Corpse Party anime adaption, Shikabane Hime, Diabolik Lovers, Bem, The Promised Neverland, Sankarea (Not horror), Tokyo Ghoul (Got boring quick), Happy Sugar Life, Kemonozume (Art style turned me off), and Misfortune of a Zombie Girl.

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