So Amityville, you are a series unlike any other. As far as I know, you belong to the Conjuring universe, pre-Conjuring. Therefore, I liken your series’ formula to Halloween or Child’s Play. It’s About Time is the 6th movie in the franchise where a clock is removed from the house (because they bulldozed the original house, lol) and possesses a new family.

Ew. I watched this cheese and liked it. Blame Brannyk.

It’s About Time! for Unbiased Guestimation

Without looking up anything, I guessed this movie was written as a stand alone film. Then, some movie executive said, “I’ll buy this and make it an Amityville movie!” Mustache twirled. Again this was my guess and I revealed reality below.

The Reality

I was so wrong. Somehow. I mean damn! This film is canon even! IMDB says,

Just like the fourth film of the series, Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes (1989), this film is also loosely based on the series of short stories titled “Amityville: The Evil Escapes” by John G. Jones.

This actively made me dislike the film a little.

It's About Time again
Wow! The relevance!

I made my assumption because the movie feels bogged down by what little Amityville influence I see. Take it out and the movie won’t change much. Leave it in and Amityville distracts from a rather engaging narrative of not letting go.

It’s About Time! to Discuss it.

I loved the effects: practical and slightly cheesy and neat-o set designs. As a result, the concept, sans Amityville, comes off more original. (It’s not, but still. . . it comes off as such) A clock brought into a home messes with the (ex)girlfriend and family.

What do I mean by (ex)girlfriend? Well, our main character dated the man of the house and left him BUT keeps babysitting his teenage kids and sleeping with him. I love how friendly and toxic the relationship is.

It's About Time for meds

A dog mauled me!

You did this to make me climb back into bed with you!

Great stuff.

It’s About Time! to Nag

I wish they implemented more time based scares and shenanigans. We saw a couple, but the deaths and some destruction didn’t tie in. Boo!

It's About Time
The analog clock plugs into the wall while the digital dies.
3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) I still recommended it. The best scenes aren’t even spoiled in this review. Am I not selling this right? I mean, Tony Randel also directed Hellraiser 2 so do it!

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