Hey, look Ma! I made it. I got to screen a movie early for Shudder even though I did it late because circumstances and now it’s out. Sh*t happens. Lake of Death sounds epic right? Like super metal as every Norwegian film title I’ve seen sounds. (Maybe 3)

On the anniversary of Lillian’s brother’s disappearance, friends gather at the old family cabin to party and stuff. Please see article title above.

You Like It?

I liked the movie. The cinematography is gorgeous to look at and very symbolic of the situation at hand. They set the tone in stone. With the pacing, I believe in the strained friendships.

The movie knows it’s stereotypical, but has fun with the fact. These friends love horror and make references in a way I totally would with my buds (except my friends don’t and then stare at me like wtf)

And spoilers: the dog probably doesn’t die.

But Not Love It . . .

The stereotypical drunken party scene came up real late in the game. Spooky stuff starts happening in the middle of nowhere, and it’s up to them to just smoke, drink, and run around with a bed sheet over their heads?

Lake of death

I may want to use stereotypical death loosely because the death scenes scratch no itches. (Horror is the only place where buckets of blood count as stereotypical) I don’t like gore and even I thought it underwhelming.

Lake of Death drops the ball during the third act. I forgave an entire scene of jump scares, but the ending almost felt like two endings made it into the final cut except one didn’t have much build up and interrupted the other’s.

Guys, it was bad.

Final Verdict

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Again I enjoyed it all the way until Wile E. Coyote crashed into the canyon side. (And I usually love that part.) The beginning starts strong, so it can’t be so bad it’s good. Check it out here and let us know what you think.

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