So Lucifer and Decker had sex last episode. Can I say this leads to something that I’m always annoyed at watching on tv shows? It boils down to, “Y’all finally fucked!?” Can you imagine your friends congratulating you when you have sex with a dude you’ve been dating? It’s weird. Also, Decker stole the mojo.

Plenty of Mojo to Go Around

mojo banging hope or something lucifer is naked. no dick visible

I actually love the plot of this episode. Lucifer accidentally passes his mojo onto Decker and freaks out. Decker assures him sharing is caring, but Lucifer finds himself feeling lost. I hate how Decker is dismissive of Lucifer freaking out about losing his powers at first. If Chloe accidentally somehow super glued her gun to Lucifer’s hand, she would not take that well. (They come to that conclusion too)

I like how Lucifer isn’t hiding his issues from anyone, while Chloe views this as a way to strengthen the relationship. Yay for relationship power dynamics I guess? Pretty much a big thread in the episode.

Maze Is Awesome

Amenadiel and Maze rock. They fight. But it’s like we’re awesome kind of fighting, that leads to nice character growth. I think we all know people who grow and learn and are better people for it, but decide it’s not enough. Maze goes through this.

mojo for a soul or something It's mazikeen. I'm sorry I choose boring pictures

I’m not sure why exactly. Like how does her mother’s death bring about an existential crisis or whatever is happening?

The Crime!

Serial killings taking place. Also a random ass Shining reference, pictured way above. I don’t think the crime itself really reflects the crux of the Lucifer issue as they usually do. Or maybe it’s more it’s not so seamlessly tied together? I guess tying a mojo-murder parallel might be hard though.

mojo-jojo angel dan is in a cemetery and michael stands before him all holy like
Also this happens so Dan kills Lucifer.

That Sweet Mojo

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) This episode was waaaaaay more tolerable than most this season so whatever.

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