Hello and welcome! Thank you for following me on this beat by beat watch of Lucifer Season 5! I know. With how season 4 ended on Lucy in hell, forced to rule forever more, where can we go? Let’s find out.

Naked Guy is Dead

Until now, they referred to him as Mr. SaidOutBitch. So I definitely won’t remember his name.

So no joke, my first thought when I heard about season 5 was, “Will we see that one dude again?”


He now lives clothed in hell and pretty well off. I feel like untapped, Lucifer can free people from hell by way of Hazbin Hotel-ing it, potential just dropped. Let’s stick a pin in it, just in case.

What Happens?

Chloe and Maze investigate Naked Guy’s murder. I found it . . . odd? how close the two became. (They’re each other’s rebound.) Somehow, both seem blindsided by Lucifer’s departure.

Did Maze grow emotionally after that thing with Eve? Guess not.

For old times sake, Lucifer also investigates Naked Guy’s murder from hell. So onto murder therapy projection time.

We Gaslight Lucifer For LOLs

I’m thinking you’re just here torturing yourself. . .

I am here out of responsibility! Demons were in full revolt! I had to protect humanity!

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1
Lucifer makes excuses.
Are you still in hell? I feel like you resolved something there, Mr. SaidOutBitch.

Why are we framing this as true? Why are we pretending like demons escaping from hell, murdering people in droves, and kidnapping a baby is an okay risk for love? He LITERALLY is protecting everyone by staying away at this point.

*Le GASP* Lucifer x 2!

A new enemy has appeared! How do we know? Because he looks like Lucifer, but he’s not! Soap Operas teach me he is an evil twin because there is literally nothing else he could be. Unless he’s Maze, which would make the weird Chloe Maze thing make sense. (Doubtful)

We have until episode 2 to decide.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)
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