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Cue romantic stuff. Well Fakey McFaker is still hanging around. Pity is his go to excuse for not being Lucifer enough. “I was in Hell for thousands of years.” Oh no. If only you lived there before so it wouldn’t have any lasting effects to your personality.

Subtlety doesn’t exist in this episode. You may say we don’t need it because from episode 1 we realize Lucifer is McFaker. I say without it there lacks a tension between Chloe and McFaker.

Example: First 10 minutes, Lucifer lies. The casual simple slip is so mundane, I didn’t notice until Chloe drags him somewhere secluded to say, “You lied!?”

I put clothes on the hot British guy, cause no one wants to see that.

Amidst the non-subtlety, there are gentle nods that we and (sometimes) Chloe can (physically) see. Also Chloe, please stop saying “What’s wrong?”

McFaker isn’t Mazikeen

It’s not like it would make sense to have Mazikeen be the center of this season. Why focus on her? Nope, toss in an evil twin. McFaker is Michael and I wonder how an angel can be so petty?

Maze I forgive you. She conspires with him to assume and destroy Lucifer’s life.

I’m not sure I understand why you agreed to doing stuff like this

but I guess you just like hurting your friends to achieve your goals. As your character is obviously known to do.

McFaker Syndrome

Holy ###**! We recycled. Remember in season 2 episode Love Handles? Chloe and Lucifer start dating for a minute and Chloe acts weird and Lucifer-ish because she doesn’t know how to act around him now. That’s her now while McFaker is like, ‘Are you okay?’

At the end of the day though, Chloe falling for an evil twin makes sense.

Hi Amenadiel! What’s that? You think Lucifer is being weird and as his sibling you should immediately know already about the an evil twin? Guess not.

Episode Highlight

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)
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