So, let’s make a poll: Which do you prefer? The Silencer, the Husher, or the Shusher? I personally think they are all lame, but serial killers gotta kill. So last episode, Spoiler Alert! Dan shot Lucifer but he didn’t die.

A Serial Killer Case

The case from last episode isn’t over! A small hunch comes over Chloe and she investigates further. I mean, the order of the victims murdered seems like a stretch. Like serial killers won’t always kill someone they know first. I don’t mind her following her gut, but having one thing be weird feels weird.

Not A Spoiler, Just Plot

spoiler this isn't a happy hug Lucifer hugs chloe
This is the pinnacle of romance.

Someone kidnaps Chloe! Lucifer pulled a Lucifer and ran off to plot the perfect prank against Dan in retaliation for the attempted murder. Being away from Chloe made her vulnerable. Small spoiler, Chloe isn’t dead so don’t worry bout that.

I like how Lucifer is hobbled by the lack of supernatural abilities in his investigation. He uses his own detectiving skills. Since Dan went off the rails, he relies on Ella and Maze. Maze temporarily forgives Lucifer to find Chloe. At some point Daniel helps too. It’s all touching how everyone puts their baggage aside to help where they can.

Lucifer is a Douchebag

Lucifer sucks. I’m sorry, but there’s this one moment when Lucifer is talking with Maze and it’s basically a mirror conversation of the one Maze had with Amenadiel. Except Lucifer is a douchebag. He’s also a douche to Amenadiel.

While we’re on a roll, Michael shows up and is also a douchebag.

2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

The episode went on too long and mixed like 2 big plot together. Ella’s plot coulda just been cut yo.

spoiler this is god god is the allstate guy in a dad sweater
God is the All State guy which makes me feel like a dick for immediately type casting him as All State Guy. Sorry God.

Also not sure how I feel about God.

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