Before Lucifer season 5 finishes up, I need to finish up these recaps. Literally any other season of the show, I wouldn’t have an issue, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We continue with Lucifer still trying to convince Chloe to let go of that whole “Gift from God” thing.

If you remember, Chloe found out she was a gift from God and took it badly. I don’t understand her deal, but I’m not the one being face-bashed by an existential crisis either. I felt real excited going into this part because Lucifer to some degree already experienced all this and so much of his emotional rollercoaster reflects Chloe realizing she was GfG (Gift from God). A real opportunity presented itself for Lucifer to get really personal and vulnerable, while filling in blanks to some of his past behaviors.

Gift burning

Don’t get me wrong, we get a smidge of that, but Chloe . . . is kind of bitchy. . . I hate saying that when she’s putting up reasonable boundaries and communicating her needs to an impatient and aloof Lucifer, but she acts like Lucifer did this on purpose.

Deliver-er of Gifts, Defiler of Nuns

On the plus side, our dynamic duo go their separate ways for a minute as Amenadiel partners with Chloe. Amenadiel isn’t in hell anymore cause God got bored or something. I can’t tell if I hate this or think it’s funny because deus ex machina.

Watch as Amenadiel turns on a bunch of nuns. I mean Lucifer (the show) doesn’t go full on Luciferina, but what’s there is pretty hilarious. And it somehow fixes Chloe’s GfG craze.

Gift of god (Nun makes out with Amenadiel)
Full. On.

Maze and Linda

On Linda’s and Maze’s side of things, we learn a dark secret that may tear the two besties apart!? Kind of like when Linda secretly dated Amenadiel . . . and this secret feels more tacked on and less developed. . .

And my hope for the Maze and mother interactions? Smashed. To. Pieces. They gave me the gift of a strong, unexplored plot thread and then were like, “Naaaaaaaaaaah.”

What Was Our Gift?

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) The comedy is solid and Amenadiel is a joy to watch (our own personal GfG if you will), but everything else is a bit of a rehash or boring drama.

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