Hopefully I’ll start churning out these reviews because Lucifer finally picked up. A critique I carry on the whole of season 5 (that I’ve seen anyway) regards how the writing stumbles in place, trying to figure out where to go. Introducing God to the story is not a new element like Michael, but a continuation of Lucifer’s daddy issues. I also like the portrayal of Ditz God.

I call God a ditz because. . . well. The characterization given to him is beautiful. He is very non-confrontational, but it stems from an everything is awesome mindset. God lives in that mindset and doesn’t get that no one else does though.

We find out why Maze wants a soul. I think the reason is good, but that the character moment here was pulled out of nowhere to give her something to do.

Linda gets to hammer the ‘God is my relative now’ epiphany home and it’s hilarious.

Ditz: Michael hugs Amenadiel. Amensdiel has a 'Bitch, you're lucky Ditz dad is standing right there stopping me from kicking your ass' look on his face

I loved Michael in this. In a few brief moments, he has a character beyond whiny jealous brother. He is such a daddy’s boy. We needed to add depth to Michael’s cartoonish villainy especially since we never learn much about him. We also still don’t. At the end of the episode they tell him to fuck off until he’s needed again.

Chloe was the episode highlight. She took what she knew about Lucifer and tried to fix a problem she couldn’t. Even though she acted crazy, she handled the situation reasonably.

Lucifer looks like he farted at a dinner party as Ditz God has his hand on his shoulder. 

I thought it was funny

And now Lucifer. Ugh. Watching him interact and confront his dad gave good insight into their relationship. They talk. Lucifer misunderstands. God doesn’t bother elaborating. I like the dynamic. See comment: Ditz God. My problem comes at the episode end, when Lucifer reaches the out of nowhere conclusion that he must be incapable of love.

Ditz God Saves All

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Who knew?

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