Back from the dead I come with more Lucifer. Wow! Chloe and Lucifer are finally together and their relationship is going great and not awkward at all. I lied. Blueballz blue-balled them leaving Lucifer with blue balls. I recommend this episode for the whole family.

The Plot

Lucifer's face with blue balls
Whiskey. I don’t actually like whiskey, but some of my friends do. So, yeah. That’s my standard for judging other people’s enjoyment.

Someone murders a DJ and Chloe runs into her ex. I can’t say the episode sounds exciting, but I like it well enough. My issues stem from, you guessed it, recycling character growth! I don’t mind Lucifer acting like a dumbass this episode because we established Chloe as a blind spot for him since forever ago. That out of the way, the fuck man! For the devil he’s super easy to trick. The show makes this worse by having Lucifer bring up his therapist and going, “I’m pretty sure she taught me this advice you are giving is crap. BUT LET’S DO IT!!!!!!”

Also this circles back around to his daddy issues.

Subplot Blue Balls

I prefer the little subplots of the episode. Maze recognizes how nice and awesome Ella is. Slowly, like a demented hell spawn, Maze assumes the skin of Ella. Am I lying? Joking? OVERREACTING!?

the plot that would have been awesomest in the forefront but blue balls.
Yes. Yes she did. And then she stared at a pineapple birthmark. Psych would be proud.

I refuse to answer the wtfs and whys because seriously this plot thread made the episode for me. Also featured in this episode:

dan and amenadiel's blue balls face
Waaaaah. Waaah. All during nap time.

So remember Amenadiel’s kid? It’s being an annoying kid this entire episode. It cries and cries and the parent people just need to deal with it. Also like half our cast get stuck with the baby at some point so . . . Did I ever tell you guys I hate kids?

The episodes ends reminding us that Lucifer has that evil twin running around. -_-

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)
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