October Faction is a Netflix original series about a family involved in secret government shenanigans. They hunt monsters and deal with family drama. (So much over the top drama.)

Give me an interesting premise and call it a day. I am not hard to please. Hell, I even liked episodes of Supernatural long after the forever loop formula the writers trapped themselves in. Want to know what nails the coffin?

Let’s be relevant, yo.

I don’t mean “let’s bring to light relevant topics”; I mean “let’s put hashtags in this poem” relevant.

October Faction tackles Racism!

It’s a theme. The writers suck at it.

Episode 1 they introduce the issue, but actually it was a misunderstanding. The twins sit around and scoff at how the town is nothing but white privilege, but the most popular kid (from a very influential family) in school is

Praneet Akilla from October Faction has a perfect alternative for head douche is all I'm saying

I’m not saying him being there erases it, but is white privilege honestly ever portrayed? Not really. We have a shit ton of dark underbelly of idyllic town tropes, though.

No need to be controversial

For most parallels they can draw between African American racism and monster kind, they like backtracking on the African American side. Believe me, they mean for a parallel to be drawn, but it doesn’t work.

Monster Racism

I’m getting tired of the “monsters are people too” tropes and “humans are the real monsters”. But introducing THIS

Meat good
“No harm, no foul”

is not a good start to make us sympathetic towards monsters.

Let’s examine the scene: Human dead (what was with that vegetarian spiel?), depersonalized as a piece of meat, unapologetic justification, and totally non-murderous alternatives can be thought up.

How was that relationship healthy?

I’m not gay so maybe I shouldn’t comment, but I didn’t ship it. With how stereotypical the characters are, you’ll see the twist coming a mile away, but I won’t spoil it. So Geoff and George, shortened to GeGe it is.

When the relationship begins, GeGe just tentatively moved away from a very toxic acquaintanceship. George is also in a vulnerable place. Legit, I thought GeGe would slowly become besties forever.

Or they can just make out.

George just left the closet, leaving Geoff to push George past a pace he’s comfortable with. George even tells Geoff repeatedly, I need to go at my own pace with this, but due to Geoff being a self righteous douche ALL THE TIME, George always gives in. Geoff is never wrong and is constantly rewarded for being pushy in the relationship.


Rape and sexual assault deserve better discussions. What do we get? A girl accusing a guy of sexual assault and suddenly all the girls step forward, saying me too, I am Spartacus style.

Sorry October Faction. Try show, not constant tell.

I hate watching shows trying to appeal to the young crowd. I watched (and fell asleep to) a copy paste rehash of every hot button issue trending, but without the substance.

1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

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