Slasher S4E2 starts out with the traditional Sins of the Father motif. It’s the nature vs nurture debate but with like chainsaws and cigars. It’s like if Trading Places and Texas Chainsaw had a baby – and that baby grew up to be a smash hit for Shudder.

Picture it – if you grew up with influence (I mean REAL influence) how twisted would your life be? Would you be able to recognize this twisting, or would you be too close to the problem to see how vile you were? It’s an interesting problem that we can expand to other world events (I won’t but it is something we see every day and not just in countries with whom the world wars). If we are part of the problem since birth – can we ever break that cycle?

Outside in – is that better or worse? If you came from nothing and were given a chance ‘at the table’, would you take it? That’s one mother’s dilemma. The sins of the father might be the title for this episode, but it is the sins of the mothers that take precedent.

I’ve seen the good side of bad
And the down side of up
And everything between
I licked the silver spoon
Drank from the golden cup
Smoked the finest green


The Defense of Money and Survivor’s Guilt

I grew up poor. When other kids were on summer vacation, I held a job (digging ditches and then for a country club) to help my family. I had a roof over my head, so I had it good. When I got to working at the country club, I got to see how the other side lived – not the middle class or ‘good enoughs’ but the ‘we own the Bulls’ type money. God money (take that syntax how you wish). I know how it can turn and twist someone – I’ve seen adult co-workers try their best to ‘get in’ with the clients…and the clients use them like cattle. The older money, the ones who worked for it after growing up poor (like really poor no food type poor), were kind. Generous to a fault. They also spoiled their kids (maybe rightfully so) to give the kids what the parents never had growing up. The result? Well, let’s just say that club was three chainsaws away from this series.

Slasher S4E2 a picture of 'Slasher Flesh and Blood' A Shudder Event Series. A man in black pulling a bloody knife from his coat. He is wearing a white mask that hides all features of their face.
Slasher S4E2 – Sins of the Father cuts to the chase (and bone)

Do I blame the parents? No. They did what their heart said was right. Even when they were good people (and some became friends with me), the children sometimes twisted. A parent is one thing, but when your friends are twatwaffles, one tends to break and bend.

That’s what we see in this episode – the unforeseen weight of a decision made to better one’s life coming to fruition. Choices we make today are tomorrow’s burdens. A zig instead of a zag. But, in the end, does it really matter? What is good today could be bad tomorrow. Good and bad are temporal judgements as much as they are moral ones. If you doubt me, ask Kevin Hart.

The Verdict for Slasher S4E2

The second episode builds from the first – the strengths continue to be strengths. It feels like that magical time when Game of Thrones first came out. The 1st season flew by because of the writing and acting. The stagecraft and costuming. All hands on deck moving towards a golden age of a new product. Will Slasher continue in the GoT early seasons or will it decay into something of season 8?

I have faith in the product. I have faith in the show runner and in Shudder. This is lightning in a bottle and I can’t wait to see where it strikes next.

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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