The Slasher S4E4 exploration of Nature v Nurture continues the science experiment from Trading Places. I’m not sure what about rich white folk that makes them delve into social experimentation of people with lesser means, but without the concept we wouldn’t have movies like Trading Places or this episode of Slasher. This is a bit of a bumpy ride, in a good ol’ “school books on lap” type way, but an important ride to share (much like the good ol’ “school books on lap” type way).


How our parents and cultural role models raise us can leave ripples that last a lifetime. As the internet grew, our world became smaller. We had access to ideas and communities that our parents never did. It’s still within living memory that a rather long boatride is how some migration happened. No video chats, no affordable air fares, no long distance phone calls – once you were in your new home, the choice was isolation in the new culture or trying your best to forget the old ways.

We’ve seen how this worked with immigrants from different cultures – some quickly fell in line for the ‘American Dream’ and others raged until they worked their hands down to the nub. In the end, it’s all the Force Cave – that’s right. It’s all Empire Strikes Back. What we face is, more often than not, ‘Only what you take with you’.

What if something severs us from our normal culture at an early age? Early enough to be semi-malleable, but old enough to have some ways set in stone. A portion of us trying, vainly, to live in both worlds. What becomes of us when we are re-introduced back into the fold?

A man with a scruffy face and very short hair looks from behind a brick wall. Slasher S4E4
Slasher S4E4


Some things we can’t outrun. I can’t see anyone but my dad in these pale blue eyes. Even the slightly soulless gaze, twice benighted, is a reflection of nature as much as it is nurture. In truth, it was something one of the three the palliative witches said to me. I resembled nothing of him, except when I took her in my gaze. A gaze that traps all – strips it of illusion and lays it bare. She would shiver when I walked by – something slightly askew. Something wrong. Something dead. Something unnatural. The uncanny.

Slasher examines the role of one’s nature and presents to us a mixed answer. Does nature matter? The short of it is ‘yes’; however, the full impact of nature is not exactly looks or biogenetic markers. It goes beyond the familial and into our root being in the phrase human being. The act of being is an act of suffering. This is the universal truth that Shudder’s Slasher expresses in an almost literal post-mortem. Whether we believe the evidence presented or question it might be up to our nurture.

Verdict for Slasher S4E4

I love the character development that happens in this series. Sure, some of it might seem forced, but it still is within the ‘believable’ realm. The more we know about the characters, the more we question the killer’s motives and identity. No Spoilers but you’ll want to re-watch this series after the finale.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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