Slasher S4E5 gives a rare glimpse of what I think most survival nuts think they look like. Picture it, you’re in the middle of the woods hunting your fellow man and after you can relax in your Palladio style fortress. Only the best champagne for you, my friend. The very definition of redneck bon vivant.

Our Wicked Game

If you’ve worked anywhere within a corporate setting for the last few decades, then you’ve probably found yourself making an egg crate with Brend from HR or falling backwards into the capable hands (do I sense Dove moisturizer?) of Jane from Accounting. Let’s face it, most higher ups schedule these things as team or leadership building exercises for middle management and lower because some self-help bullshit artist sold them on the idea to increase productivity. Sure, they could have increased productivity and reduced employee turn-over by paying a decent wage but then how would Adam in Shipping know how to build a box out of toothpicks and yarn?

The most sinister of these corporate retreats is the dreaded paint-ball hunt. It’s supposed to allow people to work together and allow for a more ‘useful/societally accepted’ form of aggression release towards your colleague. Truth be told, it’s a bit like masturbation – only fun for amateurs. The anger is still there because your hunter instincts aren’t fulfilled. Your prey gets to go home at the end of the day, or even worse, to the bar for forced bonding time. There is no demi-derriere for exorcising demons – domestic or internal. You need your full ass for that.

Crazy looking woman wearing a Mr Rogers type sweater as she runs around the forest with an axe. S4E5
S4E5 don’t bring a stick to a gun fight unless that stick is an axe and those guns are paintball

As we lie to ourselves…

Without spoiling anything, there will be a part towards the end that will draw an emotional response from the viewer. No matter the outcome of that response – if you think it’s going to set something up for catharsis or even if you think it’s a demonstration of nothing is sure in the world – it should change the way you see the characters. It might connect back to nature vs nurture but it’s a lot more primal than that. This is where we lie to ourselves.

I’d never do that!

– someone who, if the situation was similar, would definitely do just that.

We lie to ourselves and think a better version of our essence into being. People watch the MCU and think ‘Gee, I have the same will as Captain America!’ only to, deep down, know they’d crumble like Hawkeye in a 7th grade archery competition if the slightest obstacle fell in their path. When you watch the ending of this episode, do keep that in mind. We judge as if things would be different for us.

They wouldn’t. Deep down you know it. Everyone knows it. It’s the reason why we have a society built on possessions.

The Verdict for Slasher S4E5

This one was a mixed bag of crazy, sinister, and survival of self at its most fit. I could have watched just the crazy/sinister part and give the episode a 4 – but it’s the survival of self that pushes both character and storyline into a firm 4.5. I’m not quite sure if we are seeing a major direction for a character arc than we are a revelation of what always was.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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