The Hunt managed to “inflame and cause chaos.” My luck at the theatres include people who think they’re viewing from their living room. I and Cthulu are probably stuck in some of their selfies too. Pure chaos.

I went into this pretty blind. The trailer doesn’t spoil jack. Promise.

What I Knew!

  • It’s political
  • The movie’s release date kept being pushed back.
  • That one chick who played the Nancy Drew that tracheotomied a dude stars.
The hunt - but the nancy drew lady

The Politics

You will hear many political opinions and attitudes from all walks of life. Firstly, fear not. They won’t stick around long. Next, the digs at people or ideas are not one-sided. Everyone gets their fare share. Finally, the end message– timeless.

The Hunt’s Rocky Start

Bitches need fists to the face. I am so picky regarding movies with a political agenda. Last one I somehow made it through sucked so bad, I almost refused to ever watch one again.

The start to this movie focuses on assholes on a plane. Very obnoxious assholes. A fight scene ensues and ends with a very bad eye gouge effect.

First thought: Oh God. This is gonna suck.

The Epic-ness of Life

Dead wrong. This movie is a genius of a black comedy. The fast pacing forces more of the cringe-ier scenes by before complaint, which, actually only end up cringy because you don’t first know the type of film it is. The schlock-y fun of it all helps.

The Hunt’s Beautiful Message

Everyone is an equal asshole. Everyone is human. Characters you spend the movie rooting for, open their mouths and suddenly . . . become. . .

jeff's hunt

And you somehow still like them enough to say, “Darn!” we they die.

What’s in it?

This movie is comprised of the best bad-ass fight scenes and choreography and death scenes.

This director or scriptwriter (both?) knew how to well time comedy. Music plays. Tensions rise with absurdities. Believable levity! Guys, it ain’t rocket science but somehow directors keep tossing music and sound all rando into movies.

A pig and a rabbit. No Turtle. (They reference Animal Farm and The Tortoise and the Hare)

Most importantly, it represents internet and social media culture in a way that’ll age well.

The Hunt is afoot

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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