The book Thinner I see on my mother’s bookshelf and from some off hand comment only knew it was a Stephen King story since it’s under his Bachman pseudonym. I never read the book and until recently I never watched the movie, mostly because I heard jack all about either beside the plot summary.

Y’all did me dirty. . .

Thinner’s Plot

This review will be about the movie only. A fat lawyer runs over an old gypsy woman and conspires with the legal system he has an in with to drop the entire affair.

before fat man got thinner
You know this granny didn’t run anywhere.

Everyone then tries to put the nastiness behind them and continue on with life but the poor dead lady’s family aren’t having it.

A pox upon ye!

And thus the ball gets rolling.

Having Your Pie and Eating it Too

The story progression is excellent, the exposition minimal. The story keeps a solid pace and the movie doesn’t overstay its welcome. (An hour and a half long.) Even though the plot revolves around magic, it’s pretty grounded.

thinner guy won't take gun
Take the gun.

The character introductions and evolutions are amazing! We’re introduced to the perfect upper middleclass family, likeable and kind. We see and understand the myriad of emotions that each characters go through.

Simple effects work wonders. I don’t mean the explosions happening or the not cg blood. The fat man who gets thinner is the most amazing thing ever. He goes from fat to healthy to sunken in! I loved it. They probably could have put a lot more loose skin flaps especially considering how much weight and how fast he lost it.

Getting thinner

Thinner: Ahead of it’s Time

This is the part of the article you came for, ain’t it? Whether or not you like the term, white privilege is a hot button issue mostly talked about in the recent decade. This movie came out in 1996 and the book, 1984. The most we got in regards to this was Bring It On! the cheerleader film.

All the bad things that befall them, happen because they are the Roma. The system doesn’t just fail them, it actively works against them. The curse is their only power. After we see the curse of the Roma, we see the curse of the white man from town, which is basically fucking the Roma up with no worry of legal repercussion. If he knew how, Mr. Lawyer definitely would have given them all Covid. . . .

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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