Sookie and Bill

In this episode of True Blood, Sookie begins to see another side of Bill. Last episode, we ended with three terrifying vampires opening Bill’s door to Sookie, one of them being the tattooed vampire from Maudette’s sex tape. As we open on episode three, the three vamps are drooling at the mouth to have a taste of Sookie. Bill has to lay down the law, saying “Sookie’s mine.” We learn that when a vampire does this, it alerts to other vampires that only they can feed on the human exclusively. It is the only way Bill can protect Sookie from older vampires, by claiming her as property.

This pack of vampires have two humans as their property, a man and a woman. As one of the vampires is about to feed on the man, Sookie hears his thoughts. The man is infected with Hep D and wants to infect the vampire about to feed on him. Sookie saves the pack of vampires from being infected and they exit, later killing the pair of humans for their betrayal.

Bill explains that Hep D is a weakness of vampires that they like to keep out of common knowledge, as always. Hep D does not affect humans very much, but can weaken vampires for a month, making it easier to capture or kill them.

Sookie says that she shouldn’t see Bill anymore, but he shows up on her porch and the two consummate their relationship off screen.


Jason, after being released for not having killed Maudette, is still hooking up with his ex-girlfriend Dawn. As Jason and Dawn are having sex, Jason imagines the tattooed vampire underneath him. He is still bothered by the vampire bite marks on Dawn. They get into a fight over Jason losing his erection and Dawn tells Jason to get out of her house. When he won’t, she threatens him with a gun, firing shots until Jason races from the house with his pants barely on.

Jason and Dawn

Later, Jason visits Lafayette, who we learn deals drugs. Jason asks for Viagra, but Lafayette sells him vampire blood, telling him only to take a drop or two and that it will fix his issue.

Jason with the V-Juice

Tara and Sam

Tara gets involved with Sam under the pretense that they can be friends with benefits. She says they can do this with no awkward interactions at work or in front of others. Sam takes Tara up on the offer.

The Ending

The next day after her fight with Jason, Dawn has not shown up at work. Sam calls Sookie to check on her. Sookie walks into Dawn’s home after finding the door unlocked. She finds Dawn dead on her bed as her alarm clock blares in the distance.

This episode develops characters deeply. Sookie and Bill have become closer than ever as she gets a look into the dark side of how some vampires live and behave. Jason has slept with yet another woman found dead, and Tara and Sam are hooking up. The characters are gaining true dimension and blood is certainly flowing in this episode… in many ways.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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