Jason and a New Way of Worship

Jason is in jail for Amy’s murder and his subsequent sort-of confession. Rene visits Jason in jail and Jason doles out his properties, giving his truck to Rene. Sookie barges in while Rene is visiting Jason and reveals that she is close to finding out who the murderer is. She tells Jason about Drew Marshall and her theories as Rene sits behind her. He knows he needs to take care of Sookie, and quickly.

Jason is approached in prison by a representative of the Fellowship of the Sun, the vampire hating church we’ve seen on television all season. Jason is seen attending the church at the end of the episode. What have you gotten yourself into now, Stackhouse?

The Shapeshifting Secrecy

Tara is spending her time at Maryann’s home and meets another one of her live-ins. Everything feels strange at Maryann’s mansion. Even the housekeeper deletes messages from Tara’s phone. The vibe is very sketchy, but Tara slowly begins to feel at ease.

We see Maryann vibrating in the yard with her pig – confirmation that she was the woman who made Tara wreck her car. From what we see, it looks as if Maryann is a shapeshifter like Sam. She has a pig, just as Sam uses the neighborhood dog to transform. This is why Tara stumbled upon her naked at night. This seems confirmed later in the episode when Maryann picks up Tara and Sam is around. Maryann tells Sam he knew she’d find him eventually. What’s the story here and how does Tara play into it?

The End of the Murders

This episode really centers around Rene’s true identity. Sookie leaves the bar after hearing everyone’s thoughts about her brother and his arrest. Rene gives her a ride home after she has car trouble, which is obviously started by the cut spark plug wires under her hood. Sookie hears Rene’s thoughts about killing her grandmother in her kitchen at home and escapes. Rene and Sookie fight in the cemetery. Rene left his roadside vest at the bar, and when Sam sniffs it, he knows the truth. Sam attacks Rene in his dog form and saves Sookie’s life. Sookie brings a shovel down on Rene’s neck, ending the infamous killings in Bon Temps.

Another Who Done It

Bill hears Sookie’s distress and comes to her rescue, but it is daylight and he nearly dies in the process. Sam and Sookie bury Bill in the graveyard to get him away from the sun. Lafayette is taking out the garbage behind the bar and is attacked. Bill heals after feeding, he tells Sookie when he shows up at her home. The sequence of events implies that Bill has fed on Lafayette, but I’m not too sure about that one. Bill’s character doesn’t seem the type to hurt the cousin of his lover’s best friend.

Eric and Pam also return Jessica to Bill, as she’s very, very annoying.

The episode ends with Tara, Sookie, and Andy discovering Lafayette’s body in Andy’s car in the parking lot. Andy had left the keys inside as he drank at the bar. We believe the body to be Lafayette’s, even though we only saw his feet, because he’d painted his toe nails red earlier in the episode. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s not looking too good.

Season’s Ending

This episode finalized the murders in Bon Temps but left us with many questions for next season. Who is Maryann and why is Sam bothered by her presence? What does she want with Tara? Is Lafayette murdered? By whom? This show doesn’t disappoint.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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