What the Queen Knows

Bill travels to Louisiana to speak with Sophie-Ann, the queen, to find out what she knows about killing a maenad. Sophie-Ann doesn’t seem too interested in Bill’s mission, but does seem excited to have company. She offers Bill a human to feed on, and is disgusted when he turns her down.

Sophie-Ann makes it very clear that she will not abide by Bill’s timeline and demands he stay the day and leave tomorrow night. It changes his plans, but he does, and receives some decent information because of it. Sophie-Ann reveals that Maryann believes that if she makes the perfect sacrifice, Dionysus will come and kill her. She is after her one true death.

Sophie-Ann explains that Maryann uses humans to sacrifice, but supernatural ones. Never vampires, but this could mean that Sookie is in danger. Maryann was originally after Sam, but as Sookie’s powers keep developing in front of her, she could change her mind.

Back in Bon Temps

Hoyt is angry that Jessica attacked his mother and hurriedly removes himself and his mother from the house.

Tara is still tied up at Lafayette’s place with Lafayette, Lettie Mae, and Sookie guarding her. She desperately wants to go save Eggs, and convinces Lettie Mae to hold Lafayette and Sookie hostage and let Tara go free.

Sam explains to Andy and Jason his ability to shapeshift. Sam finds Arlene’s children in the woods, very hungry and dirty, and brings them and feeds them. As he does this, Jason and Andy leave to get ammunition and weapons at the police station.

Sam takes Arlene’s kids with him to Fangtasia to beg Eric for his help with Maryann. Eric agrees to find out what he can about defeating a maenad. It leads him to Sophie-Ann’s home just as Bill is leaving. Bill threatens Eric to leave Sookie alone, by saying he will tell the queen about him having humans sell V. There is a lot of tension between the two here.

After Tara is let loose, Lafayette and Sookie go after her after knocking Lettie Mae out cold. They arrive at Sookie’s house and have to split up. Lafayette runs into Maryann and Carl. He tries to shoot Maryann but she deflects it into Carl, killing him.

Sookie is inside the house, having to navigate black-eyed Maryanned zombies. She escapes a sex-crazed townsperson to find Eggs and Tara making a nest with a giant egg inside. Sookie turns around and has a black-eyed Lafayette in her face.

This episode is such a tease to the finale episode. I am so ready to see Sookie, Bill, Sam, Eric, and hopefully Jason and Andy (if they can be immune to turning into Maryanned creatures) take on Maryann in a sweet showdown.

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