Jessica, the Wild Child

Sookie and Bill, having made up, seem to have a strong trust and bond going. For now. Something always seems to come in the way of that. Jessica is still quite the wild child, though. When Bill is out shopping for clothes for Jessica, Sookie visits the house and talks with Jessica. Jessica convinces Sookie to take her by her childhood home – just so she can see her parents and sister one more time. She promises not to go inside or do anything rash. We all know this turned out not to be true. Those impulse control issues a brand new vampire has are no joke.

Jessica rushes up to her parents’ home and knocks on the door without thinking. Sookie and Jessica are inside the home and Sookie is freaking out (justified this time). Jessica begins to get violent with her father, as we quickly learn he beat his children with his belt. Bill shows up and kicks Sookie out of the house. This is where we end with the trio. Will Bill kill them? Probably not. He ain’t that guy.

Jason’s Destiny?

This episode gives us a lot into Jason. We meet up with Jason on his way to the Fellowship of the Sun leadership conference. Jason meets Luke on the bus trip, explaining that Reverend Newlin and his wife personally invited him. Luke harbors negative feelings for Jason as he gains the respect and attention of other conference goers through flag football and a demonstration on how to handle vampire sympathizers.

Crimes Against Vampires

Lafayette is brought upstairs by Eric for questioning. He gives them everything, even telling them he thinks Jason is the reason Eddie disappeared. Eric says he is unable to use this information, as Sookie is too valuable of an asset to be messing with her brother. Eric reveals that a very old vampire, Godric, in Dallas has gone missing and asks Lafayette if suppliers in the area have discussed a new item coming on the market. He says he hasn’t heard of anything.

Lafayette attempts to escape and is shot in the leg by Fangtasia’s human that guards the bar during the daytime. The vampires are unhappy with Lafayette’s attempt to escape and even after Lafayette offers himself to be their new vampire on the payroll, they feed on him and return him to the basement.

Eric also asks Bill to take Sookie to Dallas and use her abilities. He says no, but Eric tells him he doesn’t need his permission to take her.

Sam’s Issues

Maryann reminds Sam who is more powerful. Just by doing her vibrating thing, she can turn Sam into his dog form. She reminds him that she can do this whenever she feels like, in front of whomever she wants to.

Daphne, the new waitress, continues to struggle with her new job. It seems she isn’t as experienced as she said she was.

Sookie and Maryann

Tara and Eggs begin to grow even closer at Maryann’s, and Tara admits to Sookie that she is worried things are too good to be true at Maryann’s. Sookie invites Tara to move in with her. On her way out of the bar, Sookie runs into Maryann and her thoughts are in a foreign language she cannot understand. Maryann overhears Sookie telling Tara to think over moving in with her. This won’t bode well for Maryann’s secret dastardly plan.

As Maryann keeps ordering food at the bar, people get rowdy. There is lots of sexuality and dancing. I don’t know what Maryann is yet, but her powers are intriguing. Perhaps she is the goddess of food, sex, and wine?

This episode develops many mysteries and I hope to begin seeing real answers soon on Maryann’s identity. Godric and the Dallas predicament sets itself up to be a thrilling one as well.

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