Everything with the Fellowship of the Sun comes to a head here, as well as Bill and Lorena’s entanglement.

Developments at the Church

We open with Sookie being saved from Gabe by Godric. Godric snaps Gabe’s neck. This is the only human Godric kills in the entire episode. He stays close to his morals, which he explains to Eric later in the episode. He isn’t surprised humans are frightened by vampires because they are brutal and unevolved. Godric finds no issue in treating humans as equals. It seems Bill and Godric share much of their philosophy.

Godric tells Eric to take Sookie and escape, but when they are confronted by a room full of Soldiers of the Sun, Eric offers himself in exchange for Godric’s freedom, as well as Sookie’s. Steve leans over Eric, telling him that Sookie is just as responsible for mankind’s betrayal as Godric and Eric are, and he does not intend to spare her.

The Escape

Bill manages to bash Lorena over the head with a television when she is distracted by Barry and escapes from the hotel room. Bill swoops into the church and is met with resistance from Steve. Steve threatens to kill Sookie if they don’t all surrender themselves. Jason, having been shot only with a paintball by Sarah, races to the church and saves everyone by shooting Steve in the forehead with a paintball. Bill is able to rush in and secure Sookie while Eric holds Steve down.

A Shocking Discovery

Hoyt and Jessica continue to discover each other, and are interrupted by Bill when escapes from Lorena. The embarrassed dad moment plays out and Bill tells Hoyt to take Jessica back to Bon Temps before daylight. When they get home, they learn that Jessica must relive losing her virginity every time they make love, as she was a virgin when she was turned. Ouch.

Black Out

Maryann continues to make people black out and do her bidding. Eggs is really disturbed that he cannot remember last night – oh, that was just when he was murdering Daphne, no biggie. Maryann feeds Tara and Eggs a pie baked with Daphne’s heart that makes them black out again and get violent with each other. Maryann also plants Daphne’s body in Sam’s freezer at Merlotte’s and he is arrested.

Star-Crossed Lovers

The episode ends with a confrontation in Godric’s nest. All of the vampires are celebrating and expressing their sentiments to Godric. Eric, Jason, Sookie, and Bill mingle. Isabel presents Hugo – the human traitor – for judgement and Godric lets him go, as Isabel loves him and Godric can tell. Godric is merciful with all humans, and his presence is a fresh one that aligns with Bill and his integrities in the show.

Lorena barges into the party and confronts Sookie. A girl fight ensues and Lorena grabs Sookie to bite her. Godric stops her and orders her out of his district. Bill escorts Lorena from the gathering and she confesses that her love for him is never-ending and she knows it is pathetic. Bill rejects her again.

The Ending

Back inside the party, Jason notices Luke. Luke announces himself and unzips his coat, revealing a bomb strapped to his chest with various objects of silver and wood. A suicide bomber.

This episode brings to a close many of the mysteries involved at the church. Why was Godric there? He let the humans capture him, as he did not want to harm them. How will they escape? Surprisingly, Jason Stackhouse. Will Hugo be killed? No, only punished with exile. This episode was a nice climax to many of the nail-biting developments we had been following. How the group survives a vigilante suicide bomber is the newest question.

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