This episode really centers around the escalating drama between Eric and Russell.

Bill storms into Fangtasia looking for Sookie and escapes with her when Eric and Pam’s human servant helps free Sookie and all three overtake Pam with silver chains.

Eric goes to Russell in an art museum, where Russell is visiting Talbot’s favorite painting with his guts in the glass dish still. Eric reveals that he murdered Talbot to make them even – that Russell murdered his family. Russell finds this laughable and is about to kill Eric when Eric tells him he can help him walk in the sun. The pair capture Bill and Sookie again.

Russell and Eric escort the pair back to Fangtasia and Eric tells Bill that he has a plan. Bill goes along with it and they convince Russell that he can walk in the sunlight after drinking Sookie’s blood. Sookie is pissed, as she doesn’t know the two have ganged up to keep her safe.

Russell forces Eric to go outside first, and we see that Eric begins burning after a while in the sun. When Russell emerges, Eric handcuffs himself to Russell saying, “we’ll die together.” Bill begs for Pam to let him go from the chair to which he is tied so that he can feed Sookie his blood so she doesn’t die.


Lafayette and Jesus are dealing with the aftermath of their V trip. Jesus wants to go again, but Lafayette tells him that could be dangerous. Lafayette says he is getting “aftershocks” when he sees Jesus attack him in a mask. It freaks him out and he sends Jesus home as politely as possible. I do believe this helps point to my theory that Jesus is an evil sorcerer just as his grandfather and that Lafayette has witchly abilities that have not come to fruition yet.


Crystal explains to Jason that she is a werepanther and that her family has been breeding incestuously for decades in order to preserve their werepanther lineage.

Jason leaves to go look for Sookie and think Crystal’s identity over. He ends up at the high school football stadium watching Kitch, realizing that Kitch is on V. Jason confronts him, saying that he will rat him out and that using V is cheating – that this new record won’t stand. Kitch says that his coach gave it to him and his parents are paying for it.

Jason leaves the stadium beaten down and goes home. Crystal is still there, and he promises to accept her the way she is. She insists that they go to Hotshot and save the town from the DEA raid, preaching that the children are innocent.

Back Together Again

Jessica and Hoyt are back together. Jessica admits that she killed a trucker and that she drained him accidentally. Hoyt seems to be able to accept this. Jessica goes on to say she can’t just drink Tru Blood and this is just the way she is. Hoyt offers for her to drink from him.

Summer visits Mrs. Fortenberry and we learn that Hoyt’s mother hired Summer to distract him from Jessica. Summer had real feelings for him though, and is devastated that he dumped her.

Tara confronts Andy at the bar, telling him she knows about Eggs’ death. Andy confesses and apologizes.

Sam goes off on a drunken tirade at the bar, insulting Terry and Arlene and firing Tommy and kicking him out of his rental house. Tara and Sam, the last at the bar, go home together. While they are having sex, Tommy is breaking into Sam’s safe in his office.

To Be Gone

Holly takes Arlene into the woods and performs a ritual, having Arlene drink a concoction to kill her baby. Holly emphasizes that if the divine Goddess wants the baby to be born, the potion will not work. Terry wakes Arlene up in bed and the sheets are soaked in blood. The pair rush to the hospital to find out the baby is just fine.

This episode prepared us to see a shocking conclusion to the Eric and Russell drama as well as bring a greater rift between Sookie and Bill. Lots of people are back together yet again — Tara and Sam, Hoyt and Jessica, and Arlene’s baby isn’t going anywhere.

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