We open at the end of last season with Bill and Eric reacting to Sookie’s cry of help only to be met with silver chain nets. The Authority is already here.

Sookie and Lafayette are mourning Tara in the kitchen when Pam shows up looking for Eric. Pam tells Sookie to let Eric know she’s sorry. Sookie convinces Pam to try and turn Tara into a vampire by saying she’d “owe her one.” You know Pam isn’t going to pass that up.

At Jason’s place, Reverend Newlin glamours Jason to let him inside. Newlin explains that he is in love with Jason, but gets angry when Jason explains that “this dog don’t bark that way.” Jessica shows up and claims Jason as hers to save him from being attacked by Newlin. Didn’t see that love confession coming.

Marcus’ pack captures Sam and forces him not to shapeshift to escape by threatening Luna and Emma. Sam will not rat out Alcide for killing Marcus. The pack tortures Sam until he tells them where Marcus’ body is buried. They have some rituals they must perform with the body apparently. Later on, we see that this means eating the body – yuck. Alcide shows up and confesses that he is the one that killed Marcus. Some of the pack bow to him and some mutiny.

Bill and Eric are captured by the AVL and locked in a trunk. They manage to blow the car up using the gas tank and some fire. Turns out that Eric’s “sister” Nora – a vampire that Godric made as well – works for the AVL and was going to save him. They are a weird pair and have some very rough sex, all while calling each other brother and sister. A little strange, but whatever. Nothing new for this show. Alcide calls Eric and tells him that Russell is back.

Nora is going to help Bill and Eric leave their old lives behind and escape. She tells the AVL that they are dead. Just as she is helping them board ships, the AVL shows up.

For some reason, somebody cleaned up Jesus’ body without Lafayette knowing. Alcide shows up at Sookie’s and tells her that Russell is back. He explains since Eric and Bill told her that Russell was dead.

Holly and Andy sleep together and her sons walk in on the aftermath. Yikes.

Terry and Arlene have dinner with Patrick. We learn that all of the members of their brigade have experienced sketchy fires that left two of the four dead. Patrick thought that Terry had something to do it with, but that was incorrect. Terry wants nothing to do with Patrick finding the culprit. We see a new side of Terry we haven’t before – violent and brash.

Jessica and Jason have to navigate their casual relationship as the pair flirt with others at a party and deal with the obvious jealousy both of them are experiencing.

Pam changes into one of Gram’s old sweatsuits and is buried with Tara. The next night, Sookie and Lafayette are waiting around for a while before Pam emerges. It looks like Tara is dead until she wakes up and jumps on Sookie. Sookie calls out for Lafayette and we cut to black. It seems that Tara will die to see another day and that Sookie might be her first lesson in controlling her thirst.

This season has promise and the characters are presenting as even more dynamic than before. I’m ready to see how Tara reacts to being something she hates and how Patrick and the mysterious fires play into everything. And of course, let’s see how Eric and Bill get themselves out of the newest problem.

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