Witcher Season Two finale

The final episode of Netflix’s Witcher hit the ground running. Unfortunately, if you weren’t ready for that, you may have found yourself scrambling to catch up. 

Ciri, dressed again in her awkward white gown, is back at Kaer Morhen. She’s there this time alone, and ready for some shit. Without a lot of explanation, she’s attacking and murdering the witchers.

I guess maybe we were supposed to think she’d gone evil. But since that doesn’t make a single bit of damned sense, I was just confused. 

Geralt in Witcher Season Two Family.

After a few moments full of a teenage girl attacking and murdering battled hardened adults, we’re finally told that the Deathless Mother has possessed her. The witchers are keen to kill her, but Geralt is convinced he can save her. 

Tris and Yennefer make a potion intended to pull the Deathless Mother out of Ciri. Geralt and Jaskier try their damndest to get the potion someplace it can actually do that. Of course, rather than helping, the other witchers are trying to just full-out kill Ciri. For a group of people bred and trained from childhood to hunt monsters, this seems nearsighted of them.

If you think this review is clipping through the episode fast, trust me when I say that is exactly how it felt watching it. Once again, the first six episodes drug like a bad leg on a cold day. Then you can hardly catch your breath watching episode eight.

While Ciri’s body is being used as a meat puppet, her mind is off in a fantasy where her family is still alive. Not just her grandmother, but her parents as well. It’s everything she ever wanted. 

Ciri in Witcher Season Two Family.

When Ciri is finally cornered, Yennefer suddenly realizes the potion isn’t going to work. For some reason that still doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense to me, she throws the bottle on the floor and cuts her wrists with it. I get that she was offering herself up to the Deathless Mother to possess instead of Ciri. But why did she have to cut herself to do it? That really should have been established earlier. But this is enough to get through Ciri’s fantasy and pull her back into herself.

The three of them are flung into the world the Monoliths have been opening portals to. And for a moment, we see the Wild Hunt. They are coming for Ciri.

Overall, this season didn’t do a lot for me. It wasn’t as interesting as the first season, that’s for sure. But it does feel like a bridge to better things. I can only hope that season three makes up for it. 

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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