Current Submission Calls and Guidelines

General Guideline Info:

We started as a theme anthology publisher where all the monies went to charity. Currently, we are still publishing nigh daily graphic art/horror news, podcasts, and reviews on the website ( (and with pay!). We also publish horror novels, graphic novels, and occult non-fiction (read on for that submission page!). (@hauntedmtl) is the location for the daily horror feed, including HauntedMTL Originals of art/fiction. If you have a horror short story, be on the lookout for our anthology calls!

What we are looking for is ‘interesting’ and ‘I need to see that again’ and ‘Jesus, that gave me a nightmare…’ Please note that this is not an offer to have stories about kittens in a blender or anything. We want submissions that are strong, punk, dark, humorous, and just strange enough to be true. If you have that story that other people wouldn’t touch with a 15-foot pole then send it over! Just make sure it’s worth the email postage before doing so.

Note: All submissions must be done via ‘Duosuma’ as linked below..

Current Calls!

Flash Fiction – Hell is for Children submission link

HauntedMTL – Anthology

HauntedMTL is proud to present a series of print and ebook anthologies! The general submission rules are simple:

  • Say hi to us in your cover letter 🙂
  • Submit only your own work that you have copyright control – NO song lyrics, poems, etc in your work that isn’t 100% yours. This goes for trademarked entities (sorry, fan fic!)
  • Read the rules/themes of the call for which you are submitting. Every Anthology has its own theme.
  • If you submit you agree that we can use your work in print, ebook, and maybe the site (the last one is mostly for promotion)
  • For an accepted submission you will get–our thanks 🙂 As a lot of our anthologies are charity based we cannot offer compensation for them beyond a Thank You.
  • You are of legal age to have your work submitted and/or have written permission from your parent/guardian, etc.

Tips to improve your success!

  • Say hi and introduce yourself in the cover letter. Heck, talk what you had for breakfast – just make it personable.
  • If we ask for X word count don’t go over.
  • Stick to the theme.
  • Write us a synopsis and a logline aka ‘summary and a ‘this is a story about _______'”

To be ultra cool…

  • Follow us on Twitter @HauntedMTL and Insta: _HauntedMTL_ This will let you see what we are into (and we follow back so all good).
  • Read some of our works has original works on it – read a few to get a feel. Buy previous anthologies to get a feel. See if what works is a good fit.
  • Be yourself 🙂

Current anthology call: Hell is for Children – Flash Fiction Charity (Lumos) Anthology

Flash Fiction: Hell is for Children (Charity)

Closes on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 11:59 PM UTC

Welcome to the Hell is for Children – Flash Fiction – Anthology call! A percent of the profits will got to the Lumos charity (more on them here).

The theme and word count:

  • Word Count: Flash Fiction – UNDER 1,500 words
  • Theme: Hell

What is Hell? Is it on Earth? Is it a place below? Above? Somewhere where a guy who looks like either Bowie or Tom Ellis rules? (Trick question as Bowie rules everywhere!).

Give us hell. Maybe it’s something quite from every day life. Maybe it’s the mundane and terrible. Maybe it’s the fantastical. Your mission, in 1,500 words or fewer is to create this hellscape for us. Bring us into the story. The theme should relate to Hell somehow (maybe even a guy who just says Hell 18739234 times a day–use your imagination!).

Good luck to all of you! Show us what ya got 😉

Jim Phoenix


Note: The same rules n guidelines apply for this anthology call that apply to all of them.

General call for micro, flash, and short story fiction!

General call for Mirco, Flash, and Short Story!

Closes on Friday, November 12, 2021 11:59 PM UTC

We want you to scare us. We want you to grip us. We want you to make us check under the bed, desk, and/or lawnmower. Swearing? OK. Killing? Sure, why not? Rape? Not our sponsor. Sex? You bet!

Give us something original – something ‘you’. We are taking everything from micro-fiction all the way up to 4500 words. If we select your story, it will appear (at our discretion) as:

  • A tweet card (micro fiction is mostly this)
  • On our website
  • In an anthology
  • A combination of the above!

Good luck and hope to get scared soon!


Jim Phoenix

Byte Sized Horror – Multiple Prompts Available!

Hey everyone! Do you love horror? Do you love to create a new world and express yourself in writing? If so—read on! We are looking for new and upcoming writers (If under 18 you must have your parent’s permission!) of all backgrounds to be part of our Byte Sized Horror flash fiction roundup!

The premise is simple—we will provide a new writing prompt and select the top entry to include in our Byte Sized Horror podcast. We will read the winning story on our podcast and the winner will receive a cool bit of HauntedMTL swag so you can boast to your friends that you’re a published author!

There might be only 1 winner per prompt, but we will give everyone who enters full feedback from our chief editor.

The prompts

The prompts:

Prompt: Local Urban Legend Closes on 30 Aug 21

The quick rules:

1) If under 18, you MUST get your parents’/guardians’ permission!

2) You can enter for as many prompts as you want, but please only one entry per prompt.

3) The submission has to be 800 words or fewer!

4) You promise that everything you submitted is your own original work (that means no song lyrics or poems or lines from a movie unless you wrote the movie!).

5) You give us permission to use your story on our podcast. All winners will receive a choice of a virtual bit of HauntedMTL swag or something byte sized sent to your address—remember you need your parents’ permission for this!

Good luck to all who enter and we hope to see you see!


Nicole and Mick, the co-hosts of the original creative horror story podcast made for kids.

Note to Parents: Although this podcast is kid friendly, the full HauntedMTL website is not! Please review everything before you agree to the terms of submission. 🙂