This is the series hub for Haunted MTL’s original story, The Dead Life, written by David Davis. Serialized rather than presented in typical chapters, The Dead Life is a weekly experience. You can read new installments of The Dead Life, most Fridays, only on Haunted MTL.

This series is for mature audiences due to zombie horror, language, violence, and apocalyptic scenarios.

Image depicting Danielle Kim, the main character of The Dead Life, a Haunted MTL original series
Danielle Kim must live among the dead.

The Story

Shortly after New Year’s Day, 2000, a viral outbreak spreads across the United States. Within two weeks, communication networks and utilities have been disrupted, and millions have been infected, forced to wander as flesh-hungry ghouls.

Two weeks later, after the end of the world, Danielle Kim, a survivor, finally leaves her apartment after her neighbors’ tragic deaths and makes her way to a family business, a storage facility, to retrieve a gun kept on the property. What she doesn’t expect to find are survivors already there.

Now Danielle and her growing group seeking to build a new life in this storage facility grapple with the day-to-day realities of survival among the living dead.

The Dead Life: Part One – Seeking Safety

Part One spans days 14 to 17 after the undead apocalypse.

  • #1 – Danielle Kim grapples with the immediate trauma of her now twice-dead neighbors.
  • #2 – Dani decides it is time to leave the apartment complex.
  • #3 – Dani must deal with a stuck gate and a group of ghouls.
  • #4 – Two figures from Dani’s childhood reemerge.
  • #5 – Ghouls on the attack at the U-Stor-It.
  • #6 – Dani and Bob formulate a plan under duress.
  • #7 – The survivors take inventory of the storage units and make a shocking discovery.
  • #8 – Two survivors are gatecrashers – literally.
  • #9 – Tensions are high with strangers in their midst.
  • #10 – Trust must be established between the survivors.
  • #11 – Jimmy and Edgar pull their weight.
  • #12 – With little left to eat, the survivors must figure out what to do.
  • #13 – Danger potentially lurks within the pharmacy.
  • #14 – Everyone has their tasks. Dani’s just got more complicated.
  • #15 – Dani can’t seem to open a door.
  • #16 – Edgar has some lifting to do as he meets two women.
  • #17 – The suddent burst of a police siren threatens everything.
  • #18 – The plan is in brutal, agonizing motion.
  • #19 – Edgar takes charge of the slow march.
  • #20 – A tense wait for a return.

Part One – Bonus

Dani's map of the U-Stor-It from The Dead Life
Dani’s hand-drawn map of the U-Stor-It

The Dead Life: Part Two – Dead Proofing (Coming Soon)

Part Two is on the way. The first new installments will begin in September of 2021.

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