Join the Demons as we welcome our super special guests from What’s Your (Least) Favorite Scary Movie Podcast, Jess and Travis as we tackle the old – Deep Dark, the new – Skull: The Mask, the borrowed – Godzilla vs Kong, and the blue – The Loved Ones.

Witness Voodoo Priestess picking a movie that sparks ‘glory hole’ debate and consensual wall sex. Listen in awe as Jess tells the tales of Jim’s prom night….only for him to find out someone taped it and packaged the video as a horror movie. Gasp as Travis lays the smack down with the slasher/lucha movie Skull: The Mask. All this and more on the next Streamin’ Demons!

Where to buy/view Skull: The Mask, Deep Dark, The Loved Ones, and Godzilla v Kong?

(If you do use the links we will get $ from Amazon)

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